NCAA Football 14 Brings Realism To Presentation


The countdown is on until the release of EA Sports' NCAA Football 14 on July 9. In the meantime, EA Sports has been teasing what's new about the gameplay and presentation in their annual college football series. As usual, there are cosmetic changes coming to the game which will turn you into a screaming smash-your-controller-into-a-thousand-pieces lunatic if you try to play it online. This time, we'll look at the presentation.

More Authentic Broadcast Feel

In terms of presentation, the game will be more like an ESPN broadcast you watch on Saturdays. For instance, this year's edition includes

new broadcast elements, including the ESPN Living Game Clock that provides key stats after each play and a new halftime show featuring Rece Davis and David Pollack. Also, Brad Nessler and Kirk Herbstreit focus on impact players and provide smart analysis on key moments throughout the game.

Halftime Show? No thanks (this remains the only acceptable video game halftime show). The focus on impact players in the game likely won't be as nauseating as the real-life obsession with Tim Tebow during his Florida days. However, the “smart analysis” part is laughable considering that the broadcast duo recorded only so many phrases which you will get tired of hearing by season two of your dynasty. I worked in TV and I really don't like broadcast elements such as forced narratives. I don't want those in a video game.

New Music and Crowd Chants

Get pumped up with familiar stadium anthems Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes and Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation. Turn up the speakers and chant along with some of the most instantly recognizable and addictive songs in all of sports.

Not no but hell no on this addition. Prediction: I'm going to have to play the game without sound or at least without broadcasters and crowd noise.

Other Additions

South Alabama, Old Dominion and Georgia State will be in the game. While having the extra teams is cool, I miss the days when you could use real FCS teams that you didn't have to create in addition to the FBS teams. In an increased effort to achieve realism, you'll get seemingly all the wardrobe changes your school has available to them. You will also be using the brand of football that your school uses (no word on if you can negotiate with sponsors in dynasty mode). In addition to the uniforms, something of substance: neutral site games such as the Cowboy Kickoff Classic at Cowboys Stadium. And in dynasty mode, paying players under the table! That last one is actually on my wish list because what's the point of pretending there's realism in the game unless the NCAA investigation/sanction part comes in somewhere?

There are 82 days left until NCAA Football 14 is out. What elements would you like to see added to the presentation?