Spring workout videos becoming all the rage!

For those of us here and those of you reading this now, there's no doubting our college football fandom and how popular the sport is to us and our lives. However, to the general public things are just beginning to shift into overdrive. 

The latest example of this? How about the growing phenomenon of teams producing workout videos heading into spring football? Well, that's exactly what is happening at an increasing number of schools and we've got two great examples of them for you. 

First is the shorter of the two and it comes from the University of Nevada:

Nevada Winter Workouts '13 from Nevada Football on Vimeo.

Not much is left to the imagination with this video huh? You pretty much get the gist of what these guys go through on a day in and day out basis. College football doesn't have an offseason anymore – you go from playing games all season to offseason work outs to spring practice and back to summer workouts before you head into fall camp. 

Then there is part one of a very well done series by the University of Colorado as well:

Proving Grounds – Episode I from @CU_Video on Vimeo.

These offseason workouts can be things of legends at college's and perhaps the new stars of college football and college sports in general are about to become the strength and conditioning coaches. You know, the ones that probably spend the most time out of anyone on the staff with the players and all. 

Clearly teams are being smart about trying to give their fans more access while breaking down that third wall in a way they can control. Look for more of these videos to start popping up as we get closer to spring games all over the country.

Andrew Coppens

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