The Bachelor Finale: LIVE BLOG

The Bachelor season finale is finally upon us and it's a three hour extravaganza of emotion, tropical dates, Sean without his shirt on (like ABC would miss their final chance at that, right?), and of course some crazy proposal drama! 

Our resident "The Bachelor" expert, Andy will be with you for the full three hours giving you play-by-play of all things season finale. Our LIVE BLOG will be starting hot and heavy at 8pm ET, so make sure you come back for more excitement and discussion as Sean makes his choice for bride-to-be. 

Will he chose Lindsay, the girl we've pegged as one of our top 5 since week 3, or will he chose Catherine, the below the radar girl who wasn't on the leader board until it mattered most here at CBR? 

So, check out our LIVE BLOG  and open thread below!

This also seems like a good time to remind you of our very own The Bachelor Drinking Game!! No, we aren't saying you have to drink anything alcoholic, but no matter if  you're drinking water, soda, energy drink, or your favorite adult beverage feel free to play along… It may make the finale easier to get through. Here are the rules: 

– Take one drink when: 
     – Sean is shown shirtless
     – Sean says "I've found my wife"
     – Anytime anyone utters the word "Heartbroken"
     – Tierra's name is mentioned by anyone on the cast
     – the words "husband" or "wife" are mentioned
     – Sean and a date kiss
     – Chris Harrison appears in a scene

– Slam until this stops:
     – They show Tierra crying
     – A girl is crying on screen
     – Sean gets rejected at the proposal
     – Sean's proposal speech 

After the Rose Special:

On a personal note, thank you to each and every one of you who have been with us or just discovered us tonight…. It's been a fun and exciting event. Who knew so many of you were also fans of the show. Well, don't worry, we will be back in some shape or form for future versions of the show. Look for our plans to be announced in the near future!!

10:56 pm ET: It's time to reveal the new "The Bachelorette" who is DESIREE!!!! Congrats to one of my favorites from this season…. Maybe y'all should get me on the show for this one? LOL. 

10:47pm ET: Sean and Catherine have decided to have their wedding (which doesn't have a date) on ABC. What is the big announcement? That was it….. Oh come on, you teased us all night for that craptastic piece of news. At least they are sincere in their love and it won't just fall apart like EVERY other one of "The Bachelor" relationships before.

10:43pm ET: We get to watch "The Proposal" with Sean and Catherine for the 1st time… Again, get your beverages ready, you're going to need them!!

10:41pm ET: "The Note" discussion – She just wanted to put it all out there, but Sean's response was about what mine was…. Was she really about to leave this man who was going to propose to her? Apparently they just want to be a normal couple.

10:33pm ET: These two never wanted to say goodbye to each other in Thailand. Sean says their love has grown stronger every day since the show. 

10:30pm ET: Sean and his fiancée Catherine back together for the 1st time in public! I don't think I've ever seen a Bachelor this happy EVER.

10:23pm ET: Sean clearly struggled with his decision, but at least he did soul searching and prayer to find the answers he needed. Interesting to see such honesty on both sides of this break-up.

10:19pm ET: It all boiled down to he was more in love with Catherine. Both of these two are handling this with a lot of maturity. What was missing? He can't point to specifics, but there was something sparking more with Catherine. He says he didn't find it until the end of the week. 

10:17pm ET: Time for the heartbreak all over again. If you don't have your beverage ready get it ready, cause you're about to need it!! Drinking game rules are still in effect people!

10:12pm ET: Lindsay confronts Sean, when we come back. I wonder if Chris would ask him what was harder – committing to Kansas State for football or sending any of the ladies home on The Bachelor… Just a thought!

10:10pm ET: Sean talks about letting Lindsay go. Says it was tough because she is perfect in so many ways, but had no reasons to give her. 

Ohhhh…. the new bachelorette will be announced tonight & out comes Sean!! 

Don't forget to stick around for our coverage of After the Rose to see Sean's big news!! 

The Decision:

10:04pm ET: LINE OF THE SEASON from Catherine – "I'm so addicted to you." CLLLLAAAASSSSIIIIICCCCC! Oh, and they top it off by riding off on an Elephant of course!

10:01pm ET: The proposal goes a little something like this: "This has been a crazy journey… I had no idea my feelings have turned into what they have turned into." Sean says he misses her and doesn't want to say goodbye anymore and gets down on one knee…. SHE SAYS YES!!!!

9:59pm ET: Catherine's letter – it was a love letter, carrying on their tradition from the beginning. AWWWWW!! 

9:54pm ET: and the "infamous" letter is delivered – cue cutaway to the live feed from the studio in LA!! 

9:51pm ET: Cue the crying and get ready to chug that beverage… I don't know about you, but that was brutal to watch. Let that be a lesson in what to never say to a girl you're breaking up with. DAMN!!!

9:47pm ET: He tells her he loves her, yet he isn't picking her? This dude has no clue what the hell he's doing. OUCH, this is painful to watch. 

9:45pm ET: Sean talks about her depth, strenght, courage, love, and generosity…. but……. she's not the one he's going to propose to. IDIOT!!!!!!!

9:44pm ET: Sean talks about having to say goodbye to a woman without having a reason for her… First girl out is Lindsay… (begin bitting nails now)…

9:41pm ET: NO THIS IS NOT A REPLAY OF LEBRON'S ANNOUNCEMENT, rather it's Sean making his choice and the mystery of the note is to be revealed!! 

Proposal Day:

9:33pm ET: A bunch of the other gals from the season are back. Lesley thinks it'll be Catherine, Sarah thinks it'll be Lindsay, AshLee says it'll be Lindsay, Jacki does too. That's 3-4 for our girl Lindsay!! You go girl!

9:25pm ET: Of course, Sean's buddy Neil Lane comes to Thailand to give him a ring for his proposal. He's actually going to do it folks, he's really, REALLY going to propose!!!!!!! IT'S GOING TO BE LINDSAY, we can't be wrong all season, right?

9:23pm ET: Sean of course has to start off the day shirtless in just a towel, right? I mean they need at least three or four shot of him shirtless every two hours, huh?

Catherine's Final Date:

9:15pm ET: She ends it with a "I Love You" and didn't get a response she liked at all…. Which was "Thank you for today." She freaks out, but what do you expect a guy who's still got another woman in his life? Could it be that Sean picks her and she says no? Sean… DON'T DO IT!! 

9:12pm ET: Well, that was about as clear as it can get – Catherine says she can't see it playing out any other way but for her to accept his proposal. If this doesn't go her way, look out world… Especially with someone so desperate for "great love."

9:09pm ET: Catherine wants this to be the night she makes it clear she wants to be there forever with him. A little bubbly should help ease her worries…. and Sean breaking the ice with the word cool for the nine millionth time. Perhaps Sesame Street should've sponsored this segment of the show?

9:02pm ET: What's the date? It's an elephant date! Yep, Sean and Catherine are going to ride elephants and she flips her shit in the best possible way. I lost count of the use of the word cool by both of them at somewhere around 50, just to give you perspective on this one. They march up to a high point that gives them a 360 degree view of Thailand.

8:58pm ET: Back to Chris Harrison…. here to tease us all with another live remote to not reveal the news that is breaking about Sean and his future. THANKS FOR NOTHING!

Lindsay's Final Date:

8:53pm ET: Lindsay and Sean light and release the traditional lanterns for the three things they need in a marriage – Family, Happiness, and Love. Sean says it just felt right and at that moment "she's the one for me." Make us right Sean!!

8:49pm ET: Lindsay considers this the biggest night of her life – it's all or nothing – cliche, cliche, cliche…. Yada, yada, yada. Lots of kissing & strolling down memory lane. Lindsay says Sean "has everything she's ever wanted in a husband and things keep getting better and better, but she's nervous."

8:46pm ET: These two really are fun to watch hang out, never a dull moment even when they are serious. Can't tell we had her in our Top 5 for nearly the entire season or anything, right? This choice isn't going to be easy. 

8:41pm ET: Sean knows his geography, either that or… he was briefed well by the producers. Apparently it's a ride down a river of memories for these two. How romantic!! 

8:41pm ET: GRRRR… Chris Harrison teases us once again with late breaking news on his status, JUST TELL US ALREADY!!

Family Visits:

8:35pm ET: Well, that family visit was helpful for our ex-Kansas State linebacker…. or the exact polar opposite of that. Way to waste your money ABC Production crews. Could've Skyped in and it would've been the same difference, lol.

8:32pm ET: Mom and dad are taking this stuff super serious – probably more serious than any set of parents ever! Mom's on the verge of a breakdown for cryin' out loud. (I'm hearing some Queen playing through my head, what about you?)

8:25pm ET: Good lord – I'm not sure who's going to cry more this episode… Sean's Dad, Sean's Mom, or Lindsay? What say you? Especially since both ladies impressed the family so much. Good luck with that pick.

8:21pm ET: Here's a summary in video form of what dad's talk was like:

8:18pm ET: Lindsay's turn with the fam-dam-ly and she's brought gifts wrapped up, nice touch… Everyone having fun with Lindsay's wedding dress entrance on night one of The Bachelor and rightfully so. Dad's talk is up first!

8:12pm ET: Sean's dad goes all "I'll be your biggest fan" on Catherine. He says, I've just met you, but sometimes you just know. Good luck beating that one Lindsay – YIKES!

8:11pm ET: It's the "mom talk" underway and Catherine tells the cool story of the little notes they would pass back and forth and how they fell in love. Sherry (Sean's mom) gives Catherine her blessing and can see her with Sean. 

8:08pm ET: Things are lovely, everything is lovely…. lovely is the word of the day. Perhaps we should've added that to our drinking game list, huh? Sean's family is very inquisitive to say the least – things go from fun and playful to serious in 2.2 seconds. 

8:04pm ET: It's family time for Sean in Thailand. In fact it's the entire family visiting & Catherine is up first. Will they enjoy her less than serious side or does it scare them off? Mom mentions the "P" word and is all sorts of scared about this. Thanks for the support, huh mom?

8:01pm ET: And we are off!! We get the "bombshell ending you won't want to miss" like we've heard about nine million, or 20 plus times between The Bachelor & The Bachelorette – Harrison is live from CA where we'll get a LIVE "After the Rose" following the show… Late breaking news too!!! This should be interesting!

8pm ET: Welcome to the LIVE BLOG… Who do you have winning tonight? We've got Lindsay – who was one of our top choices almost all season long. Feel free to leave comments and have fun with the drinking game and the show. Let's hear your picks! To see all our musing, hit refresh throughout the show and you'll see what we're thinking all night!

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