Three ejected after fight in Michigan/Ohio State game

It's rivalry week and that means that everybody is fired up and on edge. During the second quarter of the Michigan/Ohio State game, things came to a fever pitch after an Ohio State kickoff return.

Underdog Michigan had just taken a 21-14 lead on a great throw and catch from Devin Gardner to Jeremy Gallon. The Wolverines kicked off and after a 16 yard return things got out of hand.

The kick returner, Dontre Wilson, was ejected as he appeared to throw multiple punches during the skirmish. Michigan LB Royce Jenkins-Stone was ejected, most likely for ripping off Wilson's helmet. Ohio State offensive lineman, Maurice Hall was also ejected as he came off the sidelines to get involved in the action.

On paper, Ohio State looked like they should handle Michigan today but that's why the games are played on the field and that's why you throw the records out the window in rivalry games.

game ball to @corkgaines for the GIFs.

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