Tour Bama’s new football facility, it’s as awesome as you’d imagine

All the buzz around the Crimson Tide program has been about waterfalls lately, but after you see the video above you'll be thinking twice. We all know that football is king at 'Bama, but now the players will be treated as such – more than ever before. That's right, they've got your typical stuff needed to be successful, but they've also go these amazing perks: 

  • Two pool tables
  • a ping-pong table
  • an arcade (only housing four arcade games – come on 'Bama, that's the best you could do?)
  • New lockers with lock boxes and power cords for charging all their electronics
  • Hot and cold hydrotherapy "tubs"

It's all part of renovations that have been on going at the Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility. There was the 20,000 square foot weight room, new areas for the senior athletic administrators and the full south side of the facility dedicated to just football. 

Gotta love the giant monument to the football team with the giant subtext of F-off to the rest of the athletic teams in Tuscaloosa. 

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