Bloguin around college football (4/21)

I was poking my nose around the Bloguin family of sites on Sunday and noticed that we have a couple of new college blogs that have come into the fold: Big Blue Digest (Kentucky) and Noled Out (FSU). There is a lot of content produced by the various Bloguin blogs that I don’t have a chance to read so I figured that I would try to make a point of going to these sites and pulling out the best content to feature here on CBR on a weekly basis. So here goes….

Mike Ferguson of Noled Out takes a look at the five most significant seasons in FSU history and yep 2013 is definitely one of them but it’s not #1 [story link]. In a story that has a much more National intrigue at this time, Mike also has three issues with the New York Times in-depth story about FSU [story link].

The LSU Tigers have a lot of re-tooling to do on offense this season as they lose their QB, their top RB and their best two WRs. Michael Sison of Saturday Night Slant takes a look at five things he learned from the 2014 spring game [story link].

Dale Newton of The Duck Stops Here wonders about the rumors of Oregon “being bigger, strong and practicing with a new purpose.” The Ducks will be one of the more interesting teams to watch when the 2014 season gets rolling. With Marcus Mariota back in the fold, if they get a few breaks they could play themselves into the playoff [story link]. Earlier in the week, Dale also wrote a piece on what college football can learn from the Masters. Maybe we should all take notes [story link].

Andrew Coppens of Madtown Badgers takes a look at where Wisconsin head coach Gary Anderson ranks among his Big Ten peers. It’s an interesting question since Anderson has only been in the league for one full season [story link].

The Subway Domer covers the change in NCAA policy allowing unlimited meals and snacks for players [story link] as well as Notre Dame’s change to fieldturf [story link].

Boiled Sports has you covered for your B1G fix as they wrap up Purdue’s Black Gold game [story link]. After going 1-11 in Darrell Hazell’s debut season, can they turn things around?

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