Bloguin around college football (6/16)

It’s Monday and that means it’s time to take a look around the Bloguin family of sites and see what they are talking about…..

What could have been with the Big East? That’s what the Bearcats Blog is wondering. When the Pac-12 was looking to grab Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State the rest of the group might have headed East to form a 12 team Big 12. [story link]

Has FSU re-conquered the ACC? That’s the question that Noled Out posed to it’s readers. It certainly feels like they have. [story link]

Recruiting is becoming more and more of a battle, even when prospects have already committed, and Oregon is one of the teams who is changing their ways a bit in terms of their approach. [story link]

The Subway Domer is making his way through the Notre Dame schedule as he previews the game against North Carolina. That’s an interesting match-up just beware of the Michael Felder NSFW-ish photo in the article. [story link]

Madtown Badgers takes a look at 20 different potential uniform combos for Wisconsin this season. [story link]

Boiled Sports isn’t exactly thrilled with the trajectory of Purdue football. [story link]

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