Bloguin around college football (6/2)

It’s Monday and that means it’s time to take a look around the Bloguin family of sites and see what they are talking about…..

The Duck Stops Here responds to an ESPN columnist who says that Oregon’s window is closing after this season. [story link]

The Bearcats Blog takes a look at way, way, way too early bowl projections for the American Athletic Conference. If anybody knows what a Miami Beach Bowl is let me know. [story link]

Noled Out continues to look at the ten reasons for the Seminoles resurgence. This past week, they looked at how FSU kept itself relevant by maintaining a championship atmosphere even if they didn’t play like it. [story link]

In light of an Ole Miss grad assistant heading to Auburn, Belly of the Beast looks at entertaining ways Hugh Freeze can change his play signalling. [story link]

This Given Sunday looks at why you can’t judge Johnny Manziel for going to Vegas. [story link]

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