Longhorns DC takes shot at Aggies offense

On Sunday evening, the Texas Longhorns defensive coordinator, Vance Bedford took to Twitter to give his take on Johnny Manziel.

Here’s what he had to say….

Obviously, Bedford received some feedback from his trolling tweet so he clarified his tweet by posting this….

Let’s be clear, this was absolutely a shot but moreso at the Texas A&M offense then at Johnny Manziel himself.

The worst thing about this shot? We won’t get to see it played out on the field. Re-alignment has gutted college football of it’s great rivalries and the Longhorns/Aggies rivalry is a game that is sorely missed.

Last year, Texas A&M’s president had these words to say about playing the Longhorns

There’s no reason why we shouldn’t play each other, if we want to. I think they (Texas) will at some point in time feel like it’s the right thing to do, as well, and we’ll get there……I’ve always said ‘anytime, anywhere,’ although others (in the A&M administration) are not saying it that way anymore

The Longhorns Athletic Director has a totally different opinion on the matter, going as far as to call the rivalry “dead”.

Charlie Strong has mentioned wanting to play A&M and now his DC is running off at the mouth about the Aggies. For the good of college football, and for bragging rights in the state of Texas, this is a game that needs to be played.

Under Kevin Sumlin, the Aggies have become the hot ticket in Texas but the Longhorns hold a big advantage in the history of the rivalry. If Texas ever wants to be “top dog” in their state again, they need to pony up and reignite this series.

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