NCAA proposes rule to slow down offenses; coaches balk

Mike Leach might be in for a long season if a new rule is passed; Photo: USA Today Sports

It's that time of the year. The time of year when the NCAA tweaks the rules. Last year, this brought us the much maligned "targeting rule" that affected the outcome of more than one game. 

First the good. The NCAA is looking at changing the targeting rule that they say "was successful" last season. Hmmm…I'd like to have some of what they are smoking. This year the committee has "recommended" that the instant replay official can reverse the 15-yard personal foul penalty as well as the player ejection. 

The bad? The rule committee is trying to slow down the trend of HUNH (hurry up, no huddle) offenses. How do they plan to do this? They have "recommended" a rule that allows the defense to substitute within the first 10 seconds of the 40 second play clock. with the exception of the final two minutes of each half. This is being proposed under the guise of "protecting our student-athletes" since it will result in less overall plays during many games.

Here is what some coaches had to say upon hearing the proposal…

Based on the initial feedback, it sounds like this is going to be hard to pass but let's remember that the targeting rule got passed last year (although I'm sure that sounded better on paper than it turned out). I expect the coaches to put some pressure on their ADs and hopefully this won't see the light of day. Although, as Saturday Down South points out, some coaches are in favor of this, so who knows.

Bookmark your calendars as we will find out on March 6th, when the oversight panel meets again to discuss the proposals.

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