Oklahoma secondary violations proves NCAA has lost its mind

Stoops has lost control of text messaging and pasta; Photo: USA Today Sports

Ryan Aber recently got a hold of Oklahoma's list of their self-reported NCAA violations (via open records request) and if you thought the NCAA had lost it's mind before reading this, you are in for a treat. NewsOK has all of the violations here, but we will just touch on a few of them.

Feb. 26, 2013; Violation: Assistant coaches Mike Stoops and Cale Gundy sent two text messages to recruits before written or financial commitment. Stoops responded to an incoming text with “Thanks.” Gundy replied to a text message instead of replying by Facebook message. A Facebook message would've been permissible.

So a head coach can reply to a prospect on Facebook but not via phone. That makes a lot of sense. I wonder how much money Zuckerberg paid the NCAA for that one?

June 2, 2013 Violation: Assistant coach Mike Stoops sent a text message to a recruit before his signing a National Letter of Intent, a written offer of admission or financial aid or receipt of a financial deposit. Stoops accidentally sent a return text while reviewing incoming text messages.

Mike Stoops has clearly lost control of text messaging.

July 28, 2013 Violation: Assistant coach Cale Gundy and director of player personnel Reed Case exceeded permissible phone calls per week to a Tulsa player that decided to transfer to OU as a walk-on. Gundy and Case believed the calls were allowed because the transfer was already enrolled at the school for the fall.

So now coaches cannot call their own walk-ons that are already on campus? That makes sense.

And here's the one that's been getting the most publicity on the net….

May 10, 2013 Violation: Three current student-athletes received food in excess of NCAA regulation at a graduation banquet. The three had graduated from the school but returned for an additional season of competition. The players were provided pasta in excess of the permissible amount allowed.

Resolution: The three were required to donate $3.83 each (the cost of the pasta serving) to a charity of their choice in order to be reinstated. The department provided rules education to applicable athletics department staff members.

Thank heavens these heathens were brought to justice!

If you ever had an inkling that the NCAA knew what was right for college football, this should make you rethink your beliefs.

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