Podcast: Winston has crabs, SEC scheduling, playoff rankings and more

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The Crystal Ball Run podcast is back and has plenty of ground to cover. Consider this a soft reset for the podcast. With the new publishing platform and layout on the site, it was time to give the podcast a new beginning of sorts. Starting now we will be hosting the podcast right here at Crystal Ball Run, which means no more having to go through a third party to have our podcasts hosted. You may not notice much of a difference, but this means a little bit less of a headache behind the scenes when it comes to the podcast (hopefully). Because we are now hosting the podcast on our own site, some tinkering with the iTunes subscription will need to be done to make sure iTunes subscribers continue getting the podcast delivered properly. We ask that subscribers please excuse any little hiccups for now and rest easy knowing we will get this fixed as soon as we possibly can. Getting our first podcast posted on our own site is a big step in that direction.

Now, about this latest episode of the podcast..

Kevin McGuire (@KevinOnCFB) and Andy Coppens (@AndyOnCFB) cover a handful of the big topics around the college football world over the past month. From unions to playoffs and from SEC scheduling to crab legs, we think everything is taken care of here for now. Here is a quick rundown, in case you would like to skip ahead to a certain part of the conversation…

01:17 – Jameis Winston and Crabgate, just how big of a deal is this story anyway?

07:56 – A look at the new SEC scheduling policy

19:02 – Pros and cons of CFB Playoff selection committee’s ranking system

33:28 – Updating the college players union movement and what could be next around the country

42:36 – James Franklin‘s role in Vanderbilt rape case highlighted, should Penn State be concerned?

51:55 – Closing

You can listen to the full episode below.

Photo: USA Today Sports

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