Texas to sell beer at football games this fall?

Texas fans could have used a nice cold one (or two) during the end of the Mack Brown era; Photo: USA Today Sports

Last year, Texas was considering getting into the beer business at sporting events. According to Orangebloods.com, that consideration is now becoming more and more likely. 

Orangebloods.com reported that on Tuesday night, beer would be available at the women's basketball game (which did not happen according to Dallasnews.com). They go on to report that beer will then be available at baseball, softball and men's basketball games. If all goes well at these events, that would pave the way for beer being available at football games this fall.

Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News reports that "final university approval has not yet been given" but "sales could begin as early as this week." 

The sale of alcohol is becoming a growing trend in college athletics with West Virginia and Kansas State already on board in the Big 12 and other schools in Texas have already jumped on the gravy train as well. 

West Virginia reported sales of over $500,000 in 2011 so expect a big bump in sales for Texas if (when) they follow through with this new revenue stream. Besides extra sales due to beer, schools who have starting selling beer have seen increased overall concessions (in addition to beer). Why not ask your buddy to grab you a hot dog while he is making a beer run? 

In today's era of college football, schools are facing emptier seats then they've seen in a while, specifically from the student section. Why should students go to a game when they can sit at home, in a bar or in their dorm and watch the game on HD? Having beer available could be the trick to getting these fans back into the seats.

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