The Best of Reddit’s Heisman Winners AMA

Last week, Reddit had an interesting AMA (Ask Me Anything) with former LSU offensive lineman T-Bob Hebert. This weekend, they had five Heisman Trophy winners: Billy Sims, George Rogers, Herschel Walker, Tim Brown and Ricky Williams as part of an AMA. They were all together doing a Habitat for Humanity build with Nissan and they answered the questions through Nissan’s social media team.

Here’s what they had to say….

Billy Sims

Question: Billy, what can you tell us abut Marcus Dupree? Did you have any interaction with him? Would you say he is truly “the best that never was”?

Billy: I helped recruit Marcus Dupree. During my offseason at Detroit, Coach Switzer asked me to come down and help recruit. Marcus was leaning toward Texas, because Earl Campbell had gone down there. He made such a big deal about the Rolex watch I had on, and I told him that if he came to Oklahoma and did well he’d go pro and get one of himself. Little did he know it was a fake. If he had played at OU, I think he would have probably broke my records and maybe won a couple Heismans. He was big, strong, fast, and elusive.

Question: Who is the one player you’ve watched and thought “Man, he plays a lot like I did”?

Billy: I always thought LaDainian Tomlinson played a lot like I did.

Question: What do you feel was your most memorable moment as a Sooner no one talks about

Billy: Probably the year I was redshirted. At that time, we had almost 200 players on the team. People forget about that. The year I won in 1978, I had no preseason build up because of an injury, but we had a great supporting cast and I was finally healthy for once.

George Rogers

Question: How do you feel about Marcus Lattimore wearing 38 for the 9ers?

George: I think it’s incredible. He’s a great young man and a great running back, but he’s going to be his own player in the league.

Question: Was the Clemson/SC rivalry as bit back then as it seems to be now? What’s your opinion of how long OBC is going to stay in Columbia.

George: Oh yea, the rivalry was still huge. And I love to see the success we’re having recently. Five in a row! How about we make it six! I think Spurrier is going to stay at Carolina until they tell him he has to go.

Question: How does it feel seeing the success that South Carolina has achieved in the last few years under Steve Spurrier?

George: It’s been great seeing the success we’ve had on the field the past few years. I still work with the school, so I’m happy to be a part of it.

Herschel Walker

Question: If you were allowed to vote during your Heisman-winning year, would you have voted for yourself or did you think there was someone more deserving?

Herschel: My sophomore year, I think Marcus Allen deserved to win it. George Rogers and I had a battle my freshman season. My junior year, Eric Dickerson and John Elway had great seasons, and I wasn’t sure who was going to win.

Question: Would you consider signing in the AFL or CFL for a game to show us you can still play? Would LOVE to see you prove the nay-sayers wrong!!!!

Herschel:  No. There’s not a doubt in my mind I could still play in the NFL, but I’ve never said I want to play in the NFL. I think I’m too busy right now.

Question: Who will win the national title next year?

Herschel: Alabama is still going to be strong, and not just because I’m an SEC man. Alabama is the team to beat.

Question: Herschel, did you really ride a motorcycle up the ramp to the roof of Stegeman Coliseum when you were on campus, or is that just an urban legend?

Herschel: That’s just an urban legend. I ride motorcycles, but I’m not that crazy. Jake Scott did it. If anyone sees the coliseum today, they have the gates up to prevent anyone from trying it.

Question: Why, as a legendary retired football player, did you decide to try your hand at professional MMA?

Herschel: I love competition. I’ve been in martial arts for almost 30 years. People didn’t know that during college, I would play on Saturdays, go to church on Sunday morning, and fight in the afternoon.

Tim Brown

Question: Why do you think that most Heisman winners don’t do very well in the NFL?

Tim: The Heisman is a the ultimate college award. It’s not a predictor of pro success. Mostly it’s QBs who come out of systems where they’re able to dominate. But they get to the league, and they can’t dominate. They don’t have all the best players on the field. In college, maybe they had the best WRs or RBs. The other thing, is that back in the day, players had to go to the NFL and adapt to a new system. Nowadays, players can run the same system in the pros.

Question: Who will win the national title next year?

Tim: That’s a good question. Realistically, I don’t think Auburn can make it back. With Jameis Winston coming back, I don’t think you can count them out. I’m going Florida State. – Tim

Question:  Since 1973, only you and Desmond Howard are the only WR’s to win the Heisman Trophy. Do you think we will see another WR win the Heisman in our lifetime?

Tim: The only reason we won is because we returned punts and kickoffs, and I don’t think you’ll see the top WRs in college doing that anymore, so I don’t think so. If you’re dominant on offense and dominant on kickoffs and punts, it’s tough for the reporters to ignore you.

Question: What are your thoughts on paying players given all this unionization talk that’s going around?

Tim: It’s just something that can’t be done right now. There’s just too much going on right now with players being paid illegally. I don’t think you want to open pandora’s box. If they wanted to give players insurance against injuries, that’s a different story.

Ricky Williams

Question: What do you think of the recent coaching changes at your alma mater? How do you see the program doing next year and who will be the most effective running back, in your opinion?

Ricky: I’m really excited about it. I think Coach Strong is going to do an amazing job and get us back where we need to be.

Question: Who will win the national title next year?

Ricky: Texas, of course.

Question: What was it about Texas that made you commit during the recruiting process?

Ricky: Their offensive line was what sold me. And the opportunity to start as a freshman.

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