The final whistle blows for Crystal Ball Run

For the past three seasons Crystal Ball Run has aimed to offer a unique perspective on the sport of college football, but today we turn the page and introduce you to The Student Section, the brand new college sports outlet from Bloguin.

The Student Section has a strong editorial staff in place, with Matt Zemek, Terry Johnson and Bart Doan all ready to provide a fresh approach to Bloguin’s overall college sports coverage, with a large focus on football and basketball. Before The Student Section was launched, we had been splitting up the coverage between Crystal Ball Run and Run The Floor. The Student Section will essentially combine the efforts and audiences of both sites under one, unified brand.

So, what does this mean for Crystal Ball Run?

In a sense, this is the final whistle for Crystal Ball Run as we know it. The site will remain online for as long as we can see now, so all of the content will remain accessible in the archives of the Internet. And that is good, because over the past few years we have had some really good content, from feature stories to fun rankings and original and unique perspectives on some of the biggest stories that came our way.

I would like to thank every person who has helped to make Crystal Ball Run what it came to be. Some of us have come and gone and a few of us have gone on to take on new challenges I like to think became a more realistic opportunity in part because of the work done at Crystal Ball Run. For example, Aaron Torres is now with FOX Sports 1. Michael Felder has continued spewing college football knowledge with Bleacher Report. Personally, I latched on with College Football Talk along the way.

I would personally like to thank Aaron, Ben Koo and Allen Kenney for inviting me to be a part of this site from the beginning, and later entrusting me with the management of the site. Many thanks to all of the writers who joined us at any point in time. On behalf of everybody who has been associated with Crystal Ball Run, from writing to the work done behind the scenes in the Bloguin mainframe, I thank you, our readers, friends, family and fans who have supported us over the years.

I hope your experience with Crystal Ball Run was a good one. I believe we can all say it was on our side. We had some ups and downs, as any site does, but we did it all for our love of the sport of college football. It is my hope you will take your shared passion over to The Student Section, where you will find the same love of the game with insightful commentary and more moving forward.

Thanks again to everybody. Now let’s go tear down a goalpost.

Kevin McGuire
Managing Editor, Crystal Ball Run

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Contributor to Athlon Sports and The Comeback. Previously contributed to Host of the Locked On Nittany Lions Podcast. FWAA member and Philadelphia-area resident.