5 Teams Likely To Exceed The Vegas Over/Under Lines

The NBA is a sport watched by many and for the teams involved, there are a lot of expectations that need to be met. One of the ways in which people set their expectations for these teams is through the Vegas over/under lines. These stats suggest how each team in the NBA is expected to do in the upcoming season, as long as nothing major goes wrong of course. The Vegas over/under lines cause a lot of speculation each year and often teams exceed the expectations and find themselves at the top of the league. In this article, we are going to discuss five of the teams that are likely to exceed the Vegas over/under lines this year. Make sure to keep reading if you consider yourself an NBA fan.

How Do They Exceed Them?

The figures that are set by the Vegas over/under lines are often exceeded because of the unpredictability of the NBA. A team and its players could be set to do well throughout the season and then a big injury could massively affect their chances. If you have ever watched an NBA season, then you will know how often things change and how trades can also affect a team’s ability to beat others who they wouldn’t have been predicted to. However, for the small teams, the stats from the Vegas over/under lines can be a good indicator so it is interesting to look at.

Spurs (44.5 Wins)

The line for Spurs is set at 44.5 wins this year but they are expected to exceed this due to their history in the competition. Since 1998, the Spurs have won at least 44 games each season which shows that they have had a pretty good record for the past 20 years. The reason for this lower line could be due to the fact that they lost a few good players this year before the season. Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili no longer play on the team and so people are doubting Spurs chances. However, they could pull through thanks to the trade that got them DeMar DeRozan as well as great players like Patty Mills, Pau Gasol and Rudy Gay remaining on the team for the upcoming season.

Pistons (37.5 Wins)

Another team expected to beat the line and give sports betting fans something interesting to bet on are the Pistons who are set at 37.5 wins. Online sports betting sites such as Stakers who provide one of the best betting experiences on the market have a dedicated basketball section and predict that this team could do well due to their new coach Dwane Casey who previously helped out Toronto a few years ago. It is also interesting to note that last year Detroit managed to win 39 games throughout the season while only being able to have Blake Griffen play for them throughout 25 games. A few more games from Blake Griffen and the Pistons could have achieved some more.

Bulls (28.5 Wins)

According to the Vegas over/under line for this season, the Bulls are expected to win 28.5 times in comparison to the 27 games that they won last year. Although this team don’t normally impress too much, they do have players like Lauri Markkanen, Zach LaVine to help get them some wins. On top of this, they added some good players this year including Jabari Parker who is set to make an impact on the way that the Bulls play. They won’t make it to the top, but they might just beat the over/under lines.

Rockets (55.5 Wins)

The reason why the line for the Rockets this year is set at 55.5 wins is probably due to the fact that James Harden and Chris Paul had to miss a lot of games between them. However, they still managed to win 65 games and so if these two players are able to make their mark on more games then they might just beat the line and show that they are worth more than 55.5. There are a lot of things that could go wrong for the Rockets but there are also a lot of things that could go well! Make sure to look out for this team in the new season.

Grizzlies (33.5 Wins)

The final team that we think is going to beat the line this year are the Grizzlies despite the fact that they only won 22 games in the last season. Although this wasn’t ideal, it can mostly be blamed on an injury to Mike Conley who is back and ready to play in this new season. Another thing to consider when talking about the Grizzlies is their past record of winning a lot more games than they did in the last season. Conley could make a huge difference but there is still a chance that this team doesn’t get back their good reputation right away in the upcoming season.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of teams in the NBA that stand a chance of beating the line and showing what they’ve got in the upcoming season. It is clear that a lot of the teams that we have discussed in this article have got the potential to come back fighting and beat some of the bigger teams. Of course, teams like the Lakers and the Knicks are going to always remain at the top and the lines that have been set for them are a bit more unpredictable. However, this is the NBA and as we all know there is a lot that can happen just in the space of one week. A team could be set to fail for them to suddenly trade a player that helps secure a lot more wins that they had been expected to get.

On the other hand, a sudden injury could cause the collapse of a team just like what had happened to the Grizzlies in the last season. Make sure to keep your eye on these teams and place your bets on who you think will do well.