Airsoft: Is This A Growing Sport?

The story of airsoft begins in Japan, in the 1970s, when shooting enthusiasts were forced to obey a new law that didn’t allow them to use real guns. As a result, they used soft air guns propelled by green has and shooting plastic pellets.

At first, they used these soft air guns for target practice, but once people realized they could shoot at each other without deadly wounding one another, the opportunity for entertainment showed up. Fast forward to these days, and we have international airsoft events sponsored by big names in the airsoft industry and other fields.

So, the answer to the question if airsoft is a growing sport is definitely a positive one. The sport evolved in time and spread across the entire world, and nowadays there are millions of players enjoying in the fun. Just like the big-league sports, you can play it at an amateur level or you can play it professionally, and it has all the elements of the next big sport (as described below).

High-End Airsoft Gun Producers

Starting with the big names such as Tokyo Marui, ICS, or G&G and ending with manufacturers who create more affordable designs (such as CYMA or Lancer Tactical), there are plenty of producers. Many focus on making realistic-looking guns with impressive performance and features, but you can also find lots of unique designs.

The equipment is of the utmost importance in airsoft, with experienced players kitting themselves out with the top-rated guns and accessories that can set them back several hundred dollars. But it doesn’t matter because, in the field, the quality is important.

Also, the guns bearing the license of an original gun producer are usually more expensive and held in higher regard.

Safety Gear and Accessories

Airsoft players may have a tough time deciding the right type of accessories, but most know exactly what they need for protection in the field. Just like any professional sport, airsoft is well-organized, and the safety of the players always comes first. Things like goggles, full-time masks, anti-BB vests, and other cool-looking elements are easy to find in a specialized store.

In terms of accessories, almost each gun producer has their own line. Starting with optics, red dots, lasers, and ending with flashlights, the market is rich in such items and everyone can find something they like regardless of budget.

Great Physical & Mental Activity

Airsoft players enjoy the game because it transports them into a simulated world where their military skills are being tested. Physical prowess and mental acuity are being tested and only the best have the chance to enjoy the game at a higher level.

Furthermore, the game keeps players healthy, develops their muscles, helps users improve their reflexes, and keeps everyone’s mental skills up and running. Overall, airsoft has the same effect on players as the big-league games have.

Specialized Events

The ultimate way to recognize a sport’s popularity is by organizing specialized events for players and fans. As we already mentioned, we already have world-famous airsoft events, where people can participate to prove their skills. These events are usually organized in an outdoor location, where the conditions simulate a battlefield situation with several teams going for the title.

Furthermore, there are a plethora of local events organized throughout the year, where teams can meet and test their skills.

Wrap Up

So, we have the big airsoft gun producers, several different lines of accessories and equipment, passionate players all over the world, and events organized by the local airsoft enthusiasts and sponsored by big companies. As you can see, airsoft is already at a pretty big level all over the world!