Demystifying Single-Game Bets In NFL— Bettors’ Favorite

About 7 million people are expected to bet on the NFL in 2019, according to CNBC. Millions of people enjoy watching the NFL, and betting is also prevalent. Betting on NFL entails more than just picking one team over the other. It requires analyzing the odds, watching the NFL spreads, and the line moves, evaluating NFL point spreads, studying the games, and a bit of luck. NFL bets exist either as a single-game or multi-game bets. A lot of bettors prefer the single-game bet; it does not involve any combinations, complications, or tricks. Single bets are ideal for beginners; it is available in the following options:

The Point Spread

This is the simplest and the most popular type of bets available in any betting site that offers the NFL. When betting a point spread, the team must win or lose with a margin that does not exceed the pre-set margin of points. Sportsbooks create a point spread to even the field. Point spreads are also used to attract bettors— giving them a reason to put on a wager.

For a wager to be considered successful, the favorite team has to win the game by the pre-established point spread. The favorite team is usually listed as minus (-) the point spread. The underdog is the team with the higher chances of losing, and it is indicated with a plus (+) point spread. Although this type of bet is simple, taking time to understand it is crucial.

Betting Totals (Over/Under)

Over/under bets eliminates the need to have a winner in a game. It focuses on the number of points that will be scored in a particular game. Oddsmakers predict the number of points that will be scored in a game, and bettors are tasked with predicting whether the total score will be under or over the predicted number.

This type of bet is very appealing, and it does not require an in-depth knowledge of the sport or the players to make a prediction. Over/ under bets are attractive to the new players, or those are avoiding the task involved in spread betting and analyzing data and players. The odds for betting under or over are usually the same. However, if the odds between the two options are different, you will have to check the total listed twice.

The Moneyline

Moneyline bet is all about picking the winner of a game and can be accessed from any sportsbook that offers NFL. The Moneyline bet guarantees a definitive outcome unless a match ends in a draw, but such an outcome is rare in the NFL. It is less popular than the point spread but quite easy to understand.

Before placing a Moneyline bet, you need to know how to place the bet and beware that the favorite team will be listed with a minus (-) while the underdog is listed with a plus (+) sign. Your potential payout is dictated by the odds placed.

Single-game bets work for both beginners and pro bettors. The risk involved is minimal, and if done correctly, it can be very fruitful.