Electronics Gift Guide

General Considerations

With the pervasiveness of electronic devices and the amazing list of things they can do, it is hard to stay indifferent to the evolutions in this industry. We all know people who enthusiastically follow announcements of new smartphones and their features even if they have already bought one recently. Men of all ages seem to suffer from a more severe form of this digital frenzy as compared to girls, hence, are likely the best candidates for an electronic gift but ultimately, it is a matter of preference and interests.

Obviously, knowing the habits and wishes of your target is the first step toward making a smart and informed choice. Does the person tend to play video games or read a lot? Does he/she find joy betting in online casinos? In the latter case, for instance, you have the additional option of navigating to a review site by clicking here and picking a trustworthy online casino from the list, where you can explore for gift cards or just create an account and fill the balance for the desired amount. Thinking and exploring possibilities might take you to an entirely different category of gift.

Potential Gifts

The list of potential presents is incredibly vast and below are just a few cherry-picked ideas:

  • an e-reader – many avid book readers are often somewhat reluctant to give up paper books in exchange for a computer or smartphone screen – this is all until they put their hands on a Kindle device and get to experience what electronic paper looks and feels like and the numerous advantages an e-reader brings (carrying tons of books in your pocket with saved bookmarks, incorporated dictionaries, etc.).
  • a virtual assistant – these innovative devices Americans started adopting widely allow performing a series of actions using voice interaction. Such actions include music playback, creating to-do lists, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, setting alarms, requesting real-time information like weather, traffic, news, etc. These also allow controlling your smart home using voice commands and much more.
  • virtual reality or augmented reality headset. Although most modern smartphones allow experiencing virtual reality in a rather rudimentary way (for this, you only need a specially designed cheap cardboard box), the experience is very far from what a dedicated VR headset would offer (e.g. Oculus Rift). Nowadays, virtual reality can be used not only for gaming but also for virtual tourism, education (performing chemistry experiments), art (e.g. sculpting), etc.
  • a drone. This is not only a toy for boys to play with. Drones can have HD cameras attached, transforming these into the next-generation “selfie-sticks” and ultimate panorama shooters.
  • a smart TV box. The downside of many smart TVs is often that the manufacturer uses a proprietary operating system with limited capabilities. An iOS or Android TV Box offers access to tens of thousands of quality apps to be run on a big screen.
  • a smart vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is normally not something to be enthusiastic about, except when it is truly smart. This little silent robot will carefully mind its business along convoluted trajectories bypassing your progeny, pets, carpets, vases, chairs, cleaning up your indoor jungle on a schedule you set. When the job is done and every square centimeter is processed, the little beast would use its sensors and integrated navigation system to “sniff its way” to the charging socket and go for a nap.

Given the vast choice of electronic devices, it is possible to find the perfect gift for children, women, men with various interests and lifestyles. All you need is a little understanding of their wishes and some time for online exploration.