How to get Detroit Sports Teams on your Vanity Plate

Since April 2019 Detroit has made it possible to put your favorite sports team on vanity plates in Michigan. The best thing about these plates is that you can rock either the Detroit Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings or Lion and give money to a worthy cause.

State Sen. Jim Stamas, said that he was excited that the teams’ foundations reached out to him. These foundations hope that fans will have more options to show off their favorite Detroit teams while raising money for their charity of choice.

“It’s a great opportunity to show support for our professional teams,” he said. “And the dollars will go to the foundations.”

The sports plates feature the teams’ logo in the left-hand side of the plate with the blue lion for the Lions, the red basketball for the Pistons, the “D” for the Titans, and the wing for the Red Wings.

Private plates have proved popular in recent years, with Absolute Reg stating that demand has made it increasingly difficult for consumers to find their preferred plate combination. However these types of initiatives involving sports teams present people with the opportunity to differentiate themselves on the road.

Plate Breakdown for each team:

Detroit Red Wings

Part of the proceeds benefit the Detroit Red Wings Foundation. This organization is a part of Hockeytown Cares and invests in the future of young hockey players.

Annual initiatives introduce adults and children to hockey, the importance of education, and the benefits to living an active and healthy lifestyle.

It’s super easy to order if you’re in the state of Michigan, just mail the Secretary of State office and you’ll get it in 14 business days.

Detroit Tigers

Baseball supporters who purchase a Detroit Tigers vanity plate will benefit the Detroit Tigers Foundation, the official charity of the Tigers baseball club.

Your donations will help children and adults learn through the game of baseball with a focus on youth, recreation, and education.

Detroit Pistons

Proceeds will support the Detroit Pistons Foundation, which gives funds for charitable causes mostly around Metro Detroit.

Donations will help to promote the Foundation’s community with social responsibility through education, fitness, and health, equality, and mentoring.

Detroit Lions

Your donation will go to supporting the multiple Detroit Lions Charities. They support transformational efforts that serve underdeveloped communities to create long-lasting impact through meaningful friendships and partnerships.

Detroit Lions Charities raise funding and awareness for organizations that prioritize critical needs in the community. There is a big emphasis on youth development, social justice, and their individual access opportunity.

If you decide to purchase this sports vanity plate, you will be charged an initial fee of $35. $10 of this amount will go to the Secretary of State’s office for the cost of the plate, while the rest of the $25 goes to the chosen team’s foundation. Renewing is only $10, which all goes to the organization of choice.

Since there were no pre-sales quotas on new license plates, there is a limited supply of these plates available to the public.

“Some do well, and some don’t do really well,” James Fackler, director of the Office of Program Support and development said. Sports vanity plates are hit and miss, especially if the team isn’t doing so well.