Is Mixed Martial Arts Safe?

Mixed Martial Arts, commonly referred to as MMA, is a sport that combines all types of martial arts including Jeet Kun do, boxing, Ju-Jitsu, Kickboxing, wrestling, among other self-defense techniques.

Recently, there have been speculations that this type of sport is not safe. However, the statistics show otherwise. Today, we will explore some of the facts that show that MMA is more reliable than you think.

What makes people think that sport is not safe?

According to critics, MMA ads and promotional videos exhibit a lot of violence. Talk of blood and bruised wrestlers, or knocked out individuals.

Besides that, they also say that while in the ring, fighters typically get severe injuries and shed blood in the course of combat. Opponents have a way of pinning each other and choking one another until there is a tap out.

All these observations are valid. Nevertheless, statistics reveal otherwise. Various studies indicate that MMA fighters are safer than the average boxing players may be. MMA fighters frequently shed blood or receive hits that could lead to minor injuries and dropping small spots of blood.

Boxers receive massive hits, which may never show while in the ring. Nonetheless, a fighter may receive several blows on the head, which could cause internal damages.

That is not the case with the Mixed Martial Arts sports. Here are some reasons that make the fighting technique safe.

  1. You can wear protective gear

Most of the times, wrestlers want their opponents to submit during a fight. Because of this,

you will find that it is common for them to keep falling on the ground.

If you want to avoid getting your skin into contact with the mat, you can purchase an MMA Rash Guard. They come in various shapes and styles.

  1. MMA fighters have rules that they have to follow

Opponents must understand these concepts. During training, trainers often teach those restricted areas that you should not hit.

Additionally, MMA is not about killing. It is a sport. The UFC Already lists out some of the areas that should not hit, including the spinal cord.

  1. The referee can stop a match at anytime

A boxing match will end when there is a knockout in place. In MMA, if the referee notices that a fighter can no longer face an opponent, he or she stops the match.

Referees are also keen to notice any foul hits or actions such as spitting, pricking someone’s eye, hitting your opponent’s groin, and other reasons.

  1. You cannot fight someone who is not weight division

The UFC, for instance, divides fighters into divisions. You will never challenge a player who is either above or below your weight divisions.

You will only face an opponent that has the same weight as yours. It could also be one reason why MMA fighters cannot participate in street fights.


Many parents debate the safety of MMA for children. However, after such an exposition, then it is safe for them as well. Children all over the world participate because of the benefits that come with it.

For instance, a fighter becomes strong, builds muscles since there is much training, and develops a sense of confidence and security.