Lightning Strike Megaways Slot Is A Treat For Slot Games Lovers

The popularity of slot games have increased over time and more and more companies are releasing their versions of slot games for their gamers. Blue Print Gaming recently released a new slot game called the Lightning Strike Megaways Slot which has impressed the gamers with its exciting features and attractive design.

The game comes with six reels and revolves around Viking Gods. To play and increase your chances of winning, you have to make sure that you keep the MegaWays active. If you play right, you can even get your hands on several rewards, and the most notable of them all is the cash prize of $500,000. The total active number of MegaWays for this game is 15,625 which mean you can use these many ways to win the cash prize you are playing for. When betting you can use credits starting from 0.10 and ranging up to 50.00 along with the credit limit you also have to set the loss limit. Using the autoplay mode, you can obstruct out any interruptions and spin consecutively to increase your chances of winning.

How to Play?

The easiest way to make big cash in this game is with the help of bets. You can bet your coins for the next spin and depending upon the spin and your coin limit you can add all the awards you gain to the final amount at the end of the game. Using the betting technique you can earn up to 10,000x to your total amount.

The primary thing that you want to achieve is to raise the value of your wagers to $50. This rise in your wager amount will unlock other features for you especially the jackpot. If you play the game right, you have a chance of hitting the lightning jackpot that will further enhance your reward and even give you a chance to win $500,000.

No matter how top notch your techniques are, this game remains highly unpredictable and winning it will be a matter of pure luck. You may think you are playing well, but the next moment you could lose a considerable amount of the rewards you have gained so far in the game. You can read out all the instructions or use all the tricks, but still, unpredictability will remain a primary element of this game which adds an element of excitement to the whole gaming experience.

So Many Ways To Win

The exceptional thing about this game is that despite all its unpredictability, it still gives you almost 15,625 ways to test your luck and win the game. This highly increases your chance to win, and this is done by bringing a variation in the number of symbols in every round. So even if you fail at winning the game in one way you can always try your hands in another direction and keep trying until you hit your jackpot.

Wild Hammer For The Winning Combinations

Wild hammer is one of the most significant features of this game which brings you even more effective combinations that enhance your chances of winning the game. Another cool thing about this feature is that it can replace almost every other symbol in your game and take its place as a substitute. Wild hammer is not available on all reels, and you can only activate it via the last four reels. You will also come across a mystery symbol resembling a tree but it will not stay on screen consistently and will appear after different intervals. In the end, all the occurrences of this tree symbol will merge into a single symbol that will be picked arbitrarily.

Mega Spins Result Into Mega Wins

If you want to enhance further your chance of making big cash, you can explore the mega spins option. There are two ways to access mega spins, you can either purchase them, or you can try your luck at gambling to win the chance to use mega spins. Either way, you will be accessing a feature that it worth spending money on as it will pay you back with more significant wins that you can use to purchase more mega spins further and take your game to the next level.

The Conventional Theme

If you have been a gamer for a long time, you must be familiar with the Viking Gods that come integrated into the design of many games. This game follows the same steps and offers a very conventional looking interface that may not impress many gamers, but it is still not a deal breaker because of the exceptional features that it provides. If you are into slot games, you will see how this game stands out from the rest of the online slot games, and once you get your hands on it, you will not want to shift to any other slot game.