Types of Jackpots Offered on Gamdom Gambling Site

Gamdom is an online gambling site. It supports Trade up, Roulette, Crash, and Hilo. Its users participate in skin trading and CSGO gaming.

Their website is nicely designed so its clients can use it without any glitches. New site visitors can also maneuver the site and understand how to go about it easily. It has great visuals which make the whole gambling experience exhilarating offering the real casino feel.

All the games offered to revolve around a fair system which consists of SHA 256 cryptographic distributions and algorithms. The results of the games are predetermined depending on the mathematical cryptographic distribution of the SHA 256 function. This ensures the outcomes of the games are not influenced but rather random. Each user has the same position of hitting the jackpot. Account holders can prove the integrity of the SHA 256 on their site. Any attempt to manipulate the results of any game can be easily noted by the public. Gamdom offers three types of jackpot winnings to its clientele as stated below.

Roulette jackpot

Any winner gets 75% of the total amount of the jackpot money, the rest 25% is divided among the other users depending on their deposits. The site increases 1% of the total wagers to the jackpot per each round. Upon hitting the jackpot, 70% of the total amount is allocated to the winner of the game, 20% is distributed among the other users who bet on the winning team, and the rest 10% is dispersed among the users who placed their stake on the remaining teams. All betters stand a chance to win the jackpot with each participation they make in the roulette round.

Crash jackpot

Customers are offered a chance to win a great bonus. Any client who wins gets 75% of the jackpot. The outstanding 25% is distributed among all the other betters in that round as per their profit. It works more like the roulette jackpot.

Hilo jackpot

Once the Hilo jackpot is won, the winner gets 52% of the total amount. 30% is shared among the customers who placed their bet on the winning color and the remaining 18% is distributed among the players who set their stake on the other colors.

The gaming site is verified, the games played are therefore fair. A separate server is used to verify the results of each game to avoid manipulation of the end result. This was done by adding a chain 10 million SHA 256 hashes to the server. When a game ends, the server generates its hash which is published to compare if they match with the previous one and determine if any alterations have been done to the game.

The site account holders can assess the impartiality of each game by entering the SHA 256 hash. On winning the clients can withdraw their bitcoins which are quite easy. On the site’s marketplace tab, insert the number of bitcoins you wish to withdraw. The transaction is almost immediate. Gamdom also offers a swift customer care team in case of any queries.