Simply Switch: Compare Gas Prices And Save Money

Household bills can be a cause of great stress, especially the gas bills because of the constant rise in gas prices. You can save money on gas bills by comparing gas prices with SimplySwitch – a free energy comparison platform. SimplySwitch compares a wide range of energy suppliers and deals from across the market.

Why Simply Switch?

With simply switch, you can save time, money and hassle.

A lot of people avoid switching their suppliers because they think supplier switching is time-consuming and will take a lot of effort. But comparing gas prices is actually way more easy and convenient than you would think. All you need to do is provide some details and SimplySwitch will find you the best offers in your local area.

How does It work?

Simply witch will generate a list of new tariffs for you and you will be able to compare tariffs by the rate you’ll be on, an approximate of your monthly or yearly bills, and the savings you’ll make by switching. Once you have found the best deal, just click to finalize your purchase and let simply switch handle the rest

How to choose the right gas supplier?

Choosing the right gas supplier depends on personal preferences and priorities. Some people choose certain suppliers solely because of the good prices they have to offer, they don’t really care much about brand loyalty. However, some might want a supplier with good customer service. In the UK, there is an increasing number of suppliers trying to make their mark, which gives the customers an option to choose from a better range of suppliers.

You can find the right gas supplier for you by comparing ‘gas-only’ plans on simply switch. You can also apply filters to narrow down the plans with the specific features that you are looking for. You can also click on each deal to know more about it and that will help you make a well-informed decision.

What Happens After You Switch?

Simply switch is a free and impartial comparison website that will handle the switching process. All you need to choose the right supplier. Once you have switched, your new gas supplier will contact your old supplier and let them know you have switched. The two gas suppliers you are switching between agree on a switching date. There won’t be any interruption in your gas supply through the course of the whole switching process.


If you haven’t switched your gas tariff in a long time, there is a possibility that you are overpaying and aren’t on the best deal available. But don’t stress out, you can find a cheap gas deal in minutes by using simply switch. Comparing gas suppliers will result in saving you a lot of money on your gas bills.

Simply switch will help you find the cheapest gas deal based on your needs and the area you live in, all you need to do is just enter some details and run the price comparison. As the simply switch claims, you can find the cheapest gas deal and save up to £350.