BCS Buster Watch 2013: Conference action keys Week 2 match ups

  Week 1 saw a ton of upsets, too bad they were more of the FCS over FBS variety than of the BCS Buster variety. Yes, we're looking at you Boise State, thanks for nothing last week.  However, as we move forward the landscape of the BCS Buster changes a lot thanks to two massive […]

BCS Buster Watch 2013: Week One Results

Week one is completely in the books for the schools usually left on the outside looking in to the BCS party and boy was it an interesting week to say the least. Of course, early this week I highlighted seven games (usually will be six games) of big importance to the non-AQ conferences and their […]

BCS Buster Watch 2013: Week One provides plenty of opportunities for upsets

  Welcome to the newest feature here at CrystalBallRun as we give you a weekly look at everything non-Automatic Qualifing schools in our "BCS Buster Watch" segment. Every Tuesday our Andy Coppens will give you the scoop on the biggest games facing the other four conferences all seaosn long.  Over the years we've seen that […]

Bielema’s wife gets into the Razorback spirit

There's nothing like school spirit…. Especially when said school spirit gives people an excuse to dress up. Of course, it's even more awesome when it comes from the wife of the brand new head coach. So, courtesy of Brett Bielema and his wife Jen, we got this gem:  This is AWESOME!

Notre Dame suffers another recruiting blow

Notre Dame seemingly can't hang on to top end recruits to save their lives these days as top 2014 prospect Elijah Hood has announced his decommitment via a statement released on his Twitter account. — Elijah Hood (@EHood34)

NCAA reverses course, MTSU’s Rhodes ruled eligible

Hallelujah… the NCAA is capable of doing the right thing and doing it quickly after all. In just under 12 hours the NCAA ruled Middle Tennessee's Steven Rhodes, a Marine who served for five years, ineligible because of some obscure (but important) rule and then reversed course and corrected the situation.  So, Rhodes, a walk-on […]

Badger fan welcomes coach Andersen in unique fashion

Football fans have funny ways of showing their allegiances – whether it's insane and often times ill-advised tattoo's or god awful musical numbers – or if you're from the Midwest, you put your tractor to work in a cornfield and carve a dedication to your new head coach.  At least, that's what one Wisconsin fan […]

VIDEO: Wisconsin newcomers earn their W’s

What makes college football easily the 2nd most popular sport in America? It's the same thing that hooks those that have never been around a college game day atmosphere – TRADITION. So, as Wisconsin has it's Jump Around and much more, new head coach Gary Andersen is bringing some new traditions to Madtown.  One is […]

Predicting where ESPN’s GameDay goes in 2013

  Earlier this week it was announced that every college football junkies favorite Saturday morning show, ESPN College GameDay, will be making it’s first stop of the season for the Georgia at Clemson game. That’s a heck of a way to kick off the season with two teams from the south squaring off in a […]

LSU reinstates star RB Jeremy Hill…. by team vote

Hill will roam the LSU backfield in 2013 after all… Thanks to his teammates? (Photo Courtesy: USA Today Sports) Earlier this summer we brought you the story of Jeremy Hill and his “indefinite suspension” from the LSU football team. Well, consider that suspension over and Hill apparently can thank his teammates for it. Yes, you […]

Notre Dame releases photos of 2013 Shamrock Series uni’s

Adidas and Notre Dame have combined for some interesting uniform combos for what they dub the "Shamrock Series" and in 2013 they're at it again, announcing earlier on Monday the new uniforms in this series:  FIRST LOOK: New Darren Rovell's twitter):  The green, white, and gold combo has been a common theme in most of […]