College football off-season survival guide

The college football season may officially be in the books, but for the truly dedicated fans are always a part of Team No Offseason. While the games may be done, we all know there will be plenty to keep those starving for college football conversation busy between now and the start of the new college […]

Could the University of Florida be known for basketball instead of football?

Coke or Pepsi? Apple or Android? In ‘n Out or Five Guys? Democrat or Republican? It seems as though everything must have a label and everybody must fall under one category. This theory extends to the world of college sports as well. Pay the players or not? Playoff supporter or opponent? Football school or basketball […]

The final whistle blows for Crystal Ball Run

For the past three seasons Crystal Ball Run has aimed to offer a unique perspective on the sport of college football, but today we turn the page and introduce you to The Student Section, the brand new college sports outlet from Bloguin. The Student Section has a strong editorial staff in place, with Matt Zemek, […]

Which school is in which conference now?

Happy realignment day college football fans! Today is the  day the most recent realignment changes are now official, with Louisville now a member of the ACC, Maryland and Rutgers in the Big Ten and two brand new FBS programs are opening a new era. It is a pretty cool day, but for many it may […]

Monochromatic MACtion!

It's Official!! #TheFactory is where #EMUFB will always go to work!! If you're not #ETough you won't like it — EMU Football (@EMUFB) June 19, 2014

Monte Harrison, Nebraska wide receiver, Clas of 2014. Photo credit: 247 Sports

Nebraska WR recruit drafted by Brewers

The Major League Baseball Draft got underway Thursday night, and now a decision has to be made for a player recently signed by Nebraska. Monte Harrison, of Missouri, committed to Nebraska to play football and baseball, with the chance to play under Nebraska manager Darin Erstad reportedly being an influential part of the decision to choose […]