Online Slots That Stood the Test of Time

Gambling has been a part of human civilization for the longest time. Humans have evolved and come a long way, so have the concepts of gambling and the idea of it. With each advancement n the lives of humans, we have seen a new leaf being turned over for the gambling world. It is not just a means of entertainment anymore; gambling has undergone tremendous changes and has transformed into something much more than entertainment. The industry has become open to avenues that can transform into legitimate income sources for players. 

Over the years, there have been many tactics employed by casino owners to draw in players. Starting from offers and bonuses to competitions with huge prize monies. Just like the vulkanbet no deposit bonus, that allows a player to get a bonus amount even without making any money deposit in the registered account. 

Slot games have been very popular since their inception, and even with the advancement in slot machine technology over the years, there are certain games that have still managed to hold on to their glory. Let us take a look at some of the best online slots that stood the test of time and take a walk down memory lane.

Top 5 Online Slots That Stood the Test of Time

It is no doubt that slot machines come at a dime a dozen. The choices are abundant. However, what makes them special is the player experience and nostalgia. That is what keeps a player coming back even after spending several hours playing the same game.

Here are the top 5 online slot games that have stood the test of time and are still one of the most played games.

Wheel of Fortune

This has been one of the most favorite games for many players across generations. Created by IGT, this game came with hopes and promises that have remained intact to this day. The game first saw the light of the day back in 1990 and garnered a lot of praise for the user experience. Over the years, there have been several variations of the game that have been released, like the Secret Spins and Triple Strike. However, this one remains an all-time favorite.

Mega Moolah

Released in the year 2006 by Microgaming, this game is still one of the most preferred online slot games. It supports a progressive jackpot format wherein it takes a portion of the lost bet and adds it to a pot. Then that pot can be won by any player who is daring and lucky enough to go for it. The game holds the record of having one of the highest prize amounts in a slot machine game, which also boosts its legitimacy by ten folds. It is known for its large payouts on a regular basis, and the amount can go up to 8 figures sometimes.


Though not a progressive jackpot, the game still proves its likeability with large, frequent payouts to its players. Buffalo offers a chance for players to win up to 300x their bets if they get lucky enough. Replete with symbols like scatter and wild, it enhances the chances for players to win and maximize their earnings. The game is developed by Aristocrat and has an animal-themed interface with a touch of the Old West world.


Released in 2012, almost a decade ago, Starburst still has its charms active. Considered one of the best and most popular online slot games out there in the market, it is a 5 reel game. The theme is stars and gems based, adding a splash of dazzle to the game. Comes with the classical Lucky 7 symbol, keeping the nostalgia intact in some form. An offering from the house of NetEnt, the game is known worldwide for its minimalism interface. It is simple and simply great to look at. The music is pleasant to the ears and compliments the theme very well. The best thing that is liked by everyone is its feature to give control to the player for his betting preferences.

Gonzo’s Quest

Another offering from the house of NetEnt, the game was released almost a decade ago in the year 2013. It got so popular that nowadays, you can find it on almost all online casinos. The game boasts of a Mayan theme that takes the player back by several centuries, with the central character named Gonzo. He journeys to El Dorado. The game features an Avalanche Reels mode that allows consecutive winnings to pull in more winning multipliers, increasing the chances of a player maximizing his or her winnings. There are several in-game bonuses that one can make use of to increase the chances of winning. The best one is the Free Falls mode that gives multipliers for up to 15x the amount. 

Now that we have seen the online slots that have stood the test of time let us understand what makes them special. Some of the factors that can make a game memorable and keep players coming back are:

  • Engaging theme 
  • Memorable background music
  • Interesting graphics 
  • The simplicity of the game 
  • Big payouts 


Whether it is a slot game or any other format, simplicity is a sure shot way to reach the target audience. It helps to make one’s time special. That is why these games have been a favorite of the audience for the longest time.