What Can America Learn from Europeans about Online Gambling

Online gambling has grown tremendously in the past 15 years. According to statistics, the industry will be worth $92.9 billion by 2023. The explanation is simple.

Online options deliver better gameplay, a wider variety of games, and more payment options. Most parts of the world have relaxed their regulations regarding online casinos.  However, there are two main markets; America and Europe. 

Europe has always been a trendsetter in the iGaming industry. Even though America and Canada are catching up quickly, the entire continent could learn a few lessons from the European market. Below are some of them. 

Legalization of Online Casinos 

In 2019, Europe held a 41 percent online gambling market share. The UK has the largest market share at approximately 20%. That’s because the government has put in effort to create a favorable atmosphere for the industry. It outperforms other countries in sports betting and is doing pretty well with online casinos as well. 

The rest of the continent is doing pretty well with the legalization of online gambling as well. Countries that have recently legalized online gambling include Spain, France, and Italy. In July 2021, Germany also legalized online gambling in all its states. 

There is plenty of intercontinental competition, which improves the quality of online casinos. The UK is no longer the only big dog in the industry. The future looks great for Finland, Ireland, and Norway as well. 

Gambling services aren’t directed by sector-specific EU legislations. EU countries can organize their gambling services autonomously. They simply need to abide by the fundamental freedoms established under the Functioning of the European Union. 

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  • Strict Regulatory Bodies

The strict regulatory bodies in Europe have made the industry more credible. It has helped keep fraudulent operators out and protect players. Europe has the strictest regulating bodies. Therefore, bettors are confident of their security. They know that their banking and personal data are protected. 

The top gambling authorities and bodies in Europe include; The UK Gambling Commission, The Malta Gaming Authority, and the European Gaming and Betting Association. 

All of them are big on fairness and transparency. European governments also have regulations and policies to promote data protection and responsible gambling. Even though American regulatory bodies also work, they can learn from Europeans. 

  • Emphasis On Mobile Play

Most of the big European betting companies have amazing mobile apps. Online gambling has been doing great for a while. However, mobile play made them better. It improves convenience as bettors can access their favorite games on the go. 

Mobile gambling in Europe is doing better than ever. In 2018, about 43 percent of European online bets were placed on smartphones or tablets. Finland, for example, recorded a ten percent increase in mobile play on the same year. 

Europe’s smartphone penetration rate is over 78 percent. Therefore, most players can access their favorite casino games on mobile. 

Online casino operators have found ways to incorporate social networking apps into their platforms. This way, players have the chance to invite their friends to compete in tournaments. 

In some online casinos, you can create your own avatars. Merging online casinos and social networking has been a significant part of the success in Europe. 

  • Lower House Edge

One of the biggest differences between European and American casinos is in the house edge. Even though the house always wins, the house edge in Europe is generally lower than in America. 

In American casinos, the house has a higher edge on slots and table games. in the long run, they will always make money from the players. Take roulette, for example. In the United States, almost all roulette games have double-zero wheels. You’ll find the numbers 1 to 36 and 0 and 00. 

European casinos are different. Most wheels are single-zero. This means that they don’t have the additional 00 pocket. The chances of winning are significantly high. European games lower the house edge from 5.26 percent to 2.70 percent. 

  • Focus On Game Variety

European online casinos focus on providing you with a wide variety of games. While American casinos do the same, they put more emphasis on slots. In fact, the United States has more than 993,400 slot machines. 

Nothing is wrong with slots. They are fun, vibrant, easy to play, and offer opportunities to win big—however, European casinos balance slots and table games. European players prefer table games, and roulette is the most popular one. 

Online casino players want to try out various games when they log into an online casino. It is one of the biggest benefits of playing online over land-based options. 

  • Stiffer Competition

Europe has a bigger prevalence of online casinos than America. Therefore, competition is stiffer. Casinos are going out of their way to create better bonuses, improve customer service, and offer a wider variety of games. 

American countries have only recently legalized online casinos. Therefore, online casinos aren’t as prevalent as in Europe. Attitudes toward online casinos still have a long way to go. 

Europeans don’t take gambling too seriously. They do not consider it a taboo topic. Even though there are rules and regulations around it, there is no secrecy around online gambling.

In Europe, almost all countries allow online casinos. In Britain, for example, there were 24 million gamblers in 2020. It is impossible to keep them excited unless a casino has exciting tournaments, hefty bonuses, or an impressive game variety. 

  • More Effort on Advertising

One of the main differences between American and European online casinos is advertising. European casinos put more effort into advertising. They take advantage of social media platforms, TV commercials, and other advertising media. 

In Europe, you’ll find ads for online gambling sites on billboards, web portals, YouTube, and other platforms. Since there is no stigma around the online gambling industry, advertising is everywhere. Even though online casinos don’t need much advertising, providers use every moment to attract as many new players as possible.