Lightning Strike Megaways Slot Is A Treat For Slot Games Lovers

The popularity of slot games have increased over time and more and more companies are releasing their versions of slot games for their gamers. Blue Print Gaming recently released a new slot game called the Lightning Strike Megaways Slot which has impressed the gamers with its exciting features and attractive design. The game comes with six reels […]

Where to Find the Best Free Spin Casino Games

Online casinos offer lots of different gaming experiences but one of the most popular categories has got to be the slots. Each slot game comes with its own story, great visuals and of course the chance to win some cash, but they are not all equal. One of the easiest ways to maximize your chance […]

Airsoft: Is This A Growing Sport?

The story of airsoft begins in Japan, in the 1970s, when shooting enthusiasts were forced to obey a new law that didn’t allow them to use real guns. As a result, they used soft air guns propelled by green has and shooting plastic pellets. At first, they used these soft air guns for target practice, […]

Electronics Gift Guide

General Considerations With the pervasiveness of electronic devices and the amazing list of things they can do, it is hard to stay indifferent to the evolutions in this industry. We all know people who enthusiastically follow announcements of new smartphones and their features even if they have already bought one recently. Men of all ages […]

888’s Sly Sponsorship Lands NFL’s New York Jets

Renowned NJ sports betting leader and online gambling brand,, has recently confirmed its involvement with NFL’s New York Jets which is what everyone has wanted to hear. As a result, the good news spread like wildfire among online sporting sites and casino forums. Unlike the NHL and the NBA, the National Football League has […]

Rate the 2018 NFL announcers

Aw hell, we’re doing this. In the past, we’ve had our readers rate local MLB announcers (several times), MLB Postseason announcers, March Madness announcers, local NBA announcers, and local NHL announcers. However, we’ve never had our readers rate the national NFL announcers. Until now. Over the next three or so days, we’re asking you rate […]

Is “White Boy Rick” Oscar fodder, or is it just a September also-ran?

Set in Detroit in the mid-1980’s and dealing with all sorts of drug crimes, White Boy Rick is the perfect movie for Oscar-bait. Add in Matthew McConaughey and other well-known actors like Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bruce Dern, and Brian Tyree Henry, and you have a cast that can stack up with anyone. So why does it feel […]

5 Teams Likely To Exceed The Vegas Over/Under Lines

The NBA is a sport watched by many and for the teams involved, there are a lot of expectations that need to be met. One of the ways in which people set their expectations for these teams is through the Vegas over/under lines. These stats suggest how each team in the NBA is expected to […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Sports Outdoors

For those who are sports enthusiasts and enjoy spending the day watching the game, it can be easy to stay indoors for way too long. Sometimes, you just need a change of environment and setting. Nothing beats watching sports in an outdoor setting. If you’re not motivated to spend more time outside, there are a […]