Five Players To Watch Ahead of the 2017 NFL Draft

The New England Patriots were crowned Super Bowl champions for the fifth time less than two months ago but attention has already turned to April’s NFL Draft. Elite college stars will flock to Philadelphia in the hope of earning a first round selection; thus securing a lucrative rookie contract. With less than one month until […]

Who do you like in Nebraska vs. Northwestern?

Nebraska vs. Northwestern Line: Nebraska – 4.5 “The Battle for NU” officially began last year when Pat Fitzgerald and his crew of smart kids waltzed into Lincoln and knocked off a team of Cornhuskers who thought the Wildcats would be pushovers. With veteran quarterback Dan Persa out, Kain Colter –ironically a Nebraska recruit who chose […]

Los Angeles or San Diego? NFL to Choose Future Home for the Chargers

Will the Chargers run away to Los Angeles? Is there a chance that they just might stay in San Diego? It doesn’t really matter what the Chargers, their fans or even San Diego thinks right now because the decision has been thrown into the NFL’s court (Click Here for updated NFL betting odds). The San […]

The Ultimate E-betting Platform: A Review of

League of Legends, Dota (, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft and CS:GO are on the lips of pretty much all the youngsters of the modern age. These games are used as a means of socializing and developing teamwork skills. As fast as they were created, the Internet was flooded with e-betting services meant to kick the […]

Diddy’s son under fire for accepting well-earned scholarship

Simply put, it’s one of the single stupidest news stories we’ve ever covered here at Crystal Ball Run. But it is news, and it is important, so we’ll touch on it briefly. If only to discuss how truly stupid it is. The “news” centers on a two-star UCLA defensive back recruit Justin Combs, and whether […]

Meeting of the Minds: Did the punishment “fit” the crime at Penn State?

By now, we all know the news on Penn State: The school has been hit with the most egregious punishment in NCAA history. Mark Emmert spoke, and what we now know is that the school is going to get hit with a $60 million fine, the school has been banned from postseason play for four […]

College football off-season survival guide

The college football season may officially be in the books, but for the truly dedicated fans are always a part of Team No Offseason. While the games may be done, we all know there will be plenty to keep those starving for college football conversation busy between now and the start of the new college […]

Sports and Casinos: How They Have Evolved and Become Part of Pop Culture

Not too long ago there was a huge part of society that looked a gambling as a bad habit and casinos as a venue to harbor that vice. However, in recent years the population has been much more responsible with betting and the industry has expanded and become very accepted. There’s also an online component […]

Dallas Cowboys/Detroit Lions: Thanksgiving Game History

The NFL’s first season was played in the 1920s. During that time, there were six games scheduled to take place on Thanksgiving. Since then, it has become the norm to schedule games on Thanksgiving (Find Thanksgiving NFL Picks at MyBookie). Thanksgiving is an American holiday of great importance. And because the NFL is such a […]

12Bet sports betting – Join Now to Earn Extra Cash and Huge Jackpots

If you want to experience the thrill and fun of real online sports betting and casino gaming with a few clicks, why not try the secured platform of ทางเข้า 12Bet Thailand? Only cutting-edge online gaming products are delivered at the comfort of your own home! Gone are the days when you need to visit nearby […]

Fun88 – Enjoy Online Sports Betting, Live Casinos, Keno Games and More!

Do you love watching your favorite team or player in a particular sport? Have so much interest in online sports betting? If so, invest in ทางเข้า fun88 Thailand and win huge bonuses! Online sports betting are one of the most popular types of gambling that counts for billions of cash worldwide. Since its occurrence, the […]

Vikings, Packers Cause NFC North to Reel

The NFC as a whole has been exposed. Everyone who had pinned their hopes on the Vikings and the Packers and who thought things were finally starting to roll in the right direction should have given the Super Bowl betting lines a closer look. When the Packers were 4-2, it was easy to keep faith […]