Ohio State 63, Nebraska 38: Who Knew the Big Ten Was the Big 12?

What was supposed to be a big time matchup between Ohio State and Nebraska turned into a big time butt kicking as the Buckeyes took down the Huskers 63-38 at the Horseshoe. Who knew the Big Ten could go all sorts of Big 12 on you, right?

Is it safe to say the Buckeyes are the best of the "Honoring Legends, Building Leaders" bunch? Um, 63 points would tell you yes.

Despite the score this wasn't a normal game on any front, we saw INT's for TD's, fumbles that went from one team to the other, and all sorts of unheard of craziness in the Big Ten. 

If you ask anyone in attendance or watching at home it was Braxton Miller and Carlos Hyde that got things going for the Buckeyes. Miller led the team in rushing with 185 yards, (a QB record at OSU), adding 127 yards passing on just 14 attempts for the game. However it wasn't Miller who stole the show, it was bruising back Carlos Hyde who went for 138 and 4 TD's that won it for tOSU.

Believe it or not, this game was actually in Nebraska's grasp as they owned a 14-7 lead after the 1st quarter.

However, after going up 17-7 the Huskers apparently woke up a sleeping giant in the Buckeyes, who answered back with two straight TD's to make it 21-17.

That was pretty much all she wrote as the Buckeyes defense made Huskers QB Taylor Martinez look like last year's version of T-Magic.

This was the most complete game the Buckeyes have put together by far and Urban Meyer just may lay claim to the best of another conference after this ass kicking tonight.

Interestingly the game wasn't as bad as the stats would tell you, unless you don't pay attention the turnovers – Nebraska had 4 to the Buckeyes 1. Ohio State only held a 49 yard advantage for the night (499-450) and clearly the turnovers mattered more than the yards in this one.

Pretty much a 4 to 1 turnover ratio will kill any team no matter how good. The question is did OSU beat a good team or an average team playing on the road? Sadly we may not know until they play in Madison against Wisconsin before "The Game."

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