Tennessee fan sings praise for Butch Jones

It must be college football season soon, because we are starting to get a glimpse of fan made music videos, which are always hit or miss. With a breath of fresh air surrounding the Tennessee program, a program trying to recapture the glory days of the beginning of the BCS Era just in time for the final year of the BCS model, we should have seen this coming.

After a miserable few years of a failed Lane Tiffin experiment and the entertaining mishaps under the Derek Dooley era, Butch Jones has arrived to right the course and start leading Tennessee back to the top of the SEC East. Hey, it has at least one fan ready to go kick some… butt.

Before going ahead and clicking play, you might want to remove easy influenced children form the room. The lyrics are not all quite PG.


Helmet stickers to Kegs 'n Eggs and The Big Lead.

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