Most individuals perceive weight lifting to be all about building muscles and bulking up. However, there is more to weight lifting than just achieving those goals. Other benefits you stand to gain include better rest, maintaining weight loss, improved posture, increasing bone density, reducing inflammation, boosting metabolism and eradicating chronic diseases. It is important to identify the reasons why weight lifting is important to your well being.

  • Weight Lifting Helps Keep Your Bones Strong And Healthy

It is important that you exercise your bones constantly to keep it in great shape. It is important to note that after 30 years of age, an individual begins to lose a small percentage of bone density each year. Sadly, it is more common in women as they make up 80 percent of porous bone cases, otherwise known as osteoporosis. Weight lifting helps reinforce the bones and keeps them strong.

  • Weight Lifting Wards Off Diseases

It has been recognized that Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases are partly caused by inactivity. Hence, they recommend cardiovascular exercise and strength training to keep one’s body formidable against diseases. Also, running and weight training are healthy for your brain, heart, waistline, and mental health. The stronger you are, the higher chance of withstanding diseases.

  • It Increases The Rate Of Metabolism And Fat Loss

Muscular individuals are capable of burning more calories, thereby altering their metabolism. When at rest, it burns more energy, unlike fat. Aerobic exercises tend to heat your body up during workouts. However, with weight lifting, the burns in your body are being retained for a long time, despite the fact that it doesn’t heat up. You can also maintain your weight and adjust your body composition, as your muscles are weightier than fat.

  • It Helps Lowers Inflammation And Regulates Insulin

By weight lifting, you are able to burn glucose, and is beneficial to those with Type 2 Diabetes who need to monitor their blood sugar levels. It also helps curb inflammation. A result being carried out proved that overweight women that engaged in weight lifting had sharp decreases in inflammation.

  • It Helps Improve Sleep, Posture and Energy Levels

Weight training provides other pecks such as the way we think and feel, improved sleep, and high-spirited energy levels.

  • Weight Lifting Improves Endurance And Strength

As you become stronger, so does your level of endurance improves. The amount of time that you spend performing various activities will be greatly increased. It is also applicable to athletes as they increase their running efficiency through weight training programs. This ensures that they can achieve the same speed or more, using less capacity of strength.

  • Your Balance Is Greatly Improved And The Risk Of Falling Becomes Negligible

Strength exercises like weight lifting enhance an individual’s balance and make one’s legs stronger. As we grow old, our muscle mass deteriorates. However, by engaging in these exercises, one can still maintain a high level of balance even at old age. Also, there is a great risk involved in sustaining a fall during that period. Hence, the need to exercise consistently.

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