Burger King, the self-proclaimed “king of burgers”, has been trying to adapt with the times to keep up in the fast food wars, and  according to CNN Money, they’ve done so this time by adding another sandwich to its ever expanding menu.

Wait…the sandwich they’re adding to the menu is in fact a selection of hot dogs.

Sorry about the typo.

One Burger King executive has declared that this is the company’s biggest launch since the 1970’s when they added a “chicken” sandwich to the menu. The company will start selling a classic and a chili-cheese hot dog, the former of which will be called the “Grilled Dog”, later this month.

“We’ve worked to bring guests a hot dog that tastes like backyard BBQ,” said Alex Macedo who leads the company’s unit in North America.

BK experimented with selling hot dogs in five cities last year and decided to expand the program throughout the country after sales apparently exceeded expectations. Standard condiments will include relish (editor’s note: does anyone actually use relish?), chopped onions, mustard, and ketchup.

Customers in the test markets in which the hot dogs were available weren’t just getting them as meals, though – they were actually adding them on to their orders as if they were a side option like an order of onion rings or a shake.

But it looks like customers are just adding hot dogs onto their regular orders, according to Macedo. “The average check with a hot dog was higher than the average check without a hot dog,” he said.

BK is now “competing” with Sonic and Nathan’s, both of which have been selling these timeless sandwiches for years. The company is also rolling out a social media and television ad campaign to promote the new additions, but sadly, there won’t be a Burger King Hot Dog Eating Contest – yet, at least.

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