Some people actually thought LeBron would never win a ring

By about 2009, anti-LeBron James opinions had formed their own cottage industry. Sure LeBron was talented, doubters would say, but he never came through in the clutch, his teams didn’t win, he passed when he should’ve shot, he wasn’t as good as Kobe, he whined too much, etc. And as LeBron’s career progressed and his teams kept losing […]

lane kiffin

Reports said Lane Kiffin would get the Houston coaching job. He did not.

We’ve written a lot in the last few weeks about blatantly wrong speculation and even reporting about college coaching vacancies, and now we’ve got another striking example. On Friday, Houston announced it had hired offensive coordinator Major Applewhite to be its next head coach. That must have come as a surprise to the numerous credible outlets—USA TODAY, SEC […]

klay thompson

We all thought the Warriors should have traded Klay Thompson for Kevin Love.

Before Kevin Love was a Cleveland Cavalier, he was almost a Golden State Warrior. In the summer of 2014, as the Minnesota Timberwolves were aggressively shopping their star forward, Golden State looked like Minnesota’s most likely trade partner. After all, the Warriors were a good-but-not-great team hoping to take the next step, and they featured a promising young player […]

charlie strong

Charlie Strong, Tom Herman and Ed Orgeron prompted a mess of false reports and bad predictions

The college football coaching carousel is always profoundly odd, with lame duck coaches playing out the string, up-and-comers ditching their jobs before bowl games and enough blind speculation to fill eight First Take segments. But even by those standards, this month’s Charlie Strong/Ed Orgeron/Tom Herman/Texas/LSU love pentagon was super weird. Here’s a timeline of the soap-opera-caliber saga, complete […]