Okay, so, it’d be really easy to start this story out with an “OMG you guys millenials are the worst!”

But, first  of all, I’m technically one. Second of all, I despise all generational generalizations. Third, there have been insufferable kids for as long as there have been kids. I will say, though, that this particular story features elements that could only occur today.

This comes via Twitter user @bakebythepound, and the whole thread is so, so worth it. The only real background you might need is that Runescape is a rudimentary online role-playing game, and has been around in public form since 2003.

From there, let’s let the story unfold. It’s well-worth it:


He pulled the “it’s not mom’s house” card super-early in this argument, and when you’re trying to get money from your parents, what you want to do is break out the sexist big guns. Especially considering this kid probably isn’t doing a whole hell of a lot himself.


He was going to sit outside in the yard! This kid can vote!


She reaches the ultimate in older sibling realizations with that last one. It’s a harsh reality I know all too well. Also, “this can’t happen to someone like me” is just too perfect. Also still shocked this is all over a Runescape account.


Oh no, dad angrily storming upstairs is never the desirable outcome. Let’s see what happens:


This kid yelled at his dad for opening the door! After all that happened! He’s mostly the worst, but man at least he stuck to his convictions. And now, the conclusion:


Indeed, this is how most trips home from college go, or so I’ve been told. Trips home in general, even.

It’s just Runescape, man. Get it together. Imagine if it was something actually important. Like when I was 18, and got so mad on the golf course I wrapped my lob wedge around a tree. Now that’s a serious problem, handled in an appropriate fashion.

Regardless, that’s a quality narrative.

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