Often times, when there is a miscommunication or some little mishap, a laugh over a beer is just the trick to make amends and move on. One man who drunkenly tried to break into an apartment one night returned the next day to leave a note of apology, complete with a six-pack of beer.

A woman in Halifax, Nova Scotia said a drunk man tried to enter her apartment one night while insisting he was staying at a friend’s apartment one floor up. She obviously did not allow the drunk to enter, so he started to try picking the lock. This did not go well. There were no troubles after that, but the man felt bad about his actions and needed to let those he disturbed know how remorseful he was. So he dropped by the next day and left behind a note of apology with a case of beer in hopes to smooth things over, and make sure his friend didn’t look bad by association.

Hey fellas!

I’m the guy who was relentlessly (and very drunkenly) trying to get into your house last night. It turns out Danderson’s place was upstairs. I hope it doesn’t reflect poorly on him that he has such an asshole friend such as myself. Anyway, I sincerely apologize for waking you up and being so disorderly in the middle of the night. Please accept this 6 pack of average tasting beer as a token of my appreciation.

Take care,

P.S. I walked like 8 km to some random girls house after all that. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Fortunately, all’s well that ends well. The woman at the apartment got a kick out of the apology effort and shared it on her Facebook page, and others seem to be having a good laugh over the whole incident as well.

Maybe break-ins in Canada are more polite than in the United States.

[Calgary Herald/Photo: Calgary Herald]

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