An Australian rapper named “2pec” was arrested for trying to run from paying the bill at a seafood restaurant. He was then arrested in the ocean as he was arrested by cops on jet skis. I don’t know what’s worse, that he did this or that he blatantly stole 2Pac’s name for his rap name.

Terry Peck is the real name of 2pec and tried to avoid his $621 bill at Queensland’s Omeros Bros Restaurant that consisted of two lobsters, 17 oyster shooters, a baby octopus and some beer. Peck took to the ocean and after police couldn’t get him out of the water, they went on jet skis and arrested him there.

During his initial hearing, the Magistrate was astonished that he had enough food and beer to total $621. After hearing how much the bill was, Joan White remarked “Oh God! By himself?”

In his defense, Peck’s lawyer explained that he has had an issue with alcohol. Peck himself claimed that he only left to help a friend, who he never found, who was giving birth on the beach.

Peck also remarked about how he didn’t like the food at the restaurant. He said that the lobster was “overcooked” and pieces of oyster shell was in the shooters. The restaurant denied that they overcook their lobster. But even if it was overcooked, it apparently wasn’t enough for him to spend hours at the restaurant, allegedly eating and drinking $621 worth of food and drink.

Peck’s case will be heard on May 4. Until then, the Magistrate ordered him to remain in his house and is banned from the restaurant.

[ABC/Photo: Tom Forbes]

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