In trying to protect their family and their backyard, a dog stared down a black bear and was able to get the bear to run away.

The bear wandered in the backyard in a neighborhood within the San Gabriel mountains. The dog didn’t seem fazed as it cautiously backed up but held its ground on the bear.

Helicopter footage showed the dog backing up to as far as the backyard deck. As the bear turned around to run away after the dog ran up on the deck, the dog then picked up the courage to chase after the massive bear to finally get it out of their backyard. The bear finally got the message, hopped over a fence and ran off.

I can’t tell if this dog is brave or insane but you can’t deny it for effectively protecting their land. While there weren’t any people around when this bear showed up, the homeowner, Eddie Hsu, mentioned about how it was still scary since his young children play in the backyard all the time and could have been out there when this bear showed up. “It’s very frightning of course. We didn’t expect this confrontation,” he said. “I have small children. They play in the backyard every day in the afternoon.”

The bear did however find food in a neighboring house as it rummaged through a garage. “They broke into the garage,” neighbor Mike Tavakkoli said. “They went into the refrigerator and ate all the food and made a mess out of the garage.”

It’s a good thing that nobody got hurt and all that was damaged was a garage. Bears aren’t something to be messed with so it’s great to see that everybody was able to safely move on. Though I’m sure the dog got a bit of a scare.


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