When you live in a Canadian mountain town, you’re going to get some wilderness intruding upon your daily routine. That’s exactly what happened in Banff, Alberta, when a grizzly bear interrupted high school rugby practice.

The members of the Banff Bears (yes, seriously) were fine, as the grizzly is apparently known in the area for being curious but not bothering humans.

But, still, it had to be a bit of a scary scene:

Garrett also coaches the men’s team in Banff — named The Bears as well — and was leaving the girls’ practice early on Tuesday to go to the men’s team practice in another part of town. On his way back to his car, a woman warned him there was a bear nearby, but he didn’t worry too much at first.

Thinking the animal would be at least 100 metres away, he kept heading toward his vehicle.

“Then, out of nowhere, it just came out from behind this tree,” Garrett said. “It looked up and saw me and I was about maybe 30 or 40 metres from it and 20 or 30 metres away from my car.”

He said the bear “put on a little jog” in his direction and he froze for a split second before deciding to run to the safety of his vehicle.

“By the time I got to the car, I then realized I’ve got to call out to the kids and let them all know,” he said.

This good bear didn’t hurt anyone, and apparently it’s been in the area a lot recently:

Parks Canada says it is monitoring Bear 148 but so far the animal hasn’t had any type of physical contact with a human.

“The only action right now is that we are watching this bear right now, and want to remind people to report all bear whereabouts,” spokesperson Christina Tricomi said in an email.

As it is, the fact that the Banff Bears could be interrupted by an actual, live bear and have it all be treated so matter of factly. It might be peak Canada.

Also, good bear. (For now.)

[CBC/featured image via CBS/Lee Garrett]

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