A Kentucky man was thrown out of Jack Casino in Cincinnati on Wednesday for pooping his pants, but he says the casino is incorrect and that he didn’t actually poop his pants.

Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

The man, Tyler (he didn’t provide his last name), told Fox 19-Cincinnati that he was asked by security to leave the casino due to a stain on his pants. The casino told Fox 19 that three customers complained that Tyler “smelled” and saw him throw his underwear away.

When he went to use the bathroom a casino spokesperson said three customers saw him throwing out his underwear and complained that he smelled.

The casino claims they have “visual evidence” (of Tyler throwing away the underwear, we’re to assume) that they aren’t allowed to release without a court order, but they did release a statement:

They did release this statement which reads,  “JACK Cincinnati Casino’s top priority is to continuously provide a clean and sanitary environment to the three million guests that visit the property annually.”

Well, Tyler claims it’s the casino that is full of shit, and not his pants. He won $2,000 in a poker contest, and believes the casino threw him out because they didn’t want him winning any more of their money.

“This occurred during the $1,000 free money giveaway in the poker room,” he said.  “I feel extremely embarrassed and hope that this is not done to any more casino patrons.”

And he had this gem of a quote:

“They have to have some type of punishment. They have to have some type of humiliation themselves. If they falsely accuse someone of pooping their pants that did not. This was beyond strange, “ he said.

Beyond strange indeed.

So, who ya got? Did Tyler poop his pants, or is the casino incorrect/lying?

[Fox 19]

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