President-Elect of the United States Donald Trump’s inauguration might smell like your weird cousin’s basement.

Marijuana activists DCMJ revealed they’ll be handing out 4,200 joints at the National Mall during Trump’s speech. Appropriately, they plan on lighting up at the mall, near the white house, four minutes and 20 seconds into his speech (notice the theme). They hope wind will pick up the smell and make the White House smell like weed.

There is a catch. DCMJ says they won’t light up in protest of marijuana laws if Trump comes out and supports legalized cannabis in all 50 states. The chances of that actually happening? Very, very small. Ok fine, zero.

Risking getting arrested to make Trump’s inauguration speech smell like weed is funny but it probably would have been a better plan if the DCMJ didn’t post about it on social media and make them easy targets to be arrested. 4,200 joints is definitely enough to get booked on distribution charges.

Trump’s inauguration speech might inspire some chuckles, but it won’t be because people are stoned from the nearby smoke. Sorry DCMJ, but this not a great plan. I wonder what could have impaired their decision making.


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