After tying the knot, this newly wed couple headed to a honeymoon behind bars. That’s one way to get a marriage started.

Police intervened at the scene of a bar brawl that involved members of not just a wedding party, but the bride and groom. The incident went down in Edmonton, where bystanders witnessed a fight breaking out onto the streets outside a local bar and police interviewing various witnesses before handcuffing the bride and taking the newlyweds away in the backseat of a patrol car.

Both the bride and groom reportedly have a history with running into the wrong side of the law. The groom was charged with mischief after one person suffered minor injuries as a result of the fight.

From the CBC report;

[Newspaper witness Ryan Bychkowski] isn’t sure what exactly spurred the altercation. But he thinks someone in the wedding party made physical contact with a staff member and punched a window. That’s when bar security stepped in, and things escalated from there.

“I’ve seen the odd scrap but never one where there’s a girl in a wedding dress bouncing around,” Bychkowski said.

“I’m just glad nobody got really hurt. But it was pretty funny.”

Both the groom and bride were released by the police and must appear before the court at a future date. One thing is for sure. This will be a wedding night they won’t soon forget.

[CBC/Photo: @Section_O]

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