It’s a tale as old as time- a pagan priest wants to wear goat horns in his license photo.

A man in Maine, Phelan Moonsong, has fought for his right to wear goat horns in his state issued license. He apparently wears the horns at all times as long as he isn’t bathing or sleeping.

Moonsong, a pagan priest, has even referred to the goat horns as his “horns of power.” He truly believes that his right to wear these should be protected (quotes via Religious News):

“As a practicing Pagan minister and a priest of Pan, I’ve come to feel very attached to the horns, and they’ve become a part of me and part of my spirituality. The horns are part of my religious attire.”

When Moonsong first took his photo, no one stopped him from taking a picture with the horns on. They did however notify him that he was going to need to fill out some paperwork to finally get the license in his possession.

He reached out to Maine’s civil liberties union, who after some time were able to get his “religious attire” approved by the state.

What a world we live in.

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