Whenever snow comes down in certain parts of the country that don’t necessarily expect it, you’ll see some signs of the snow armageddon. One of the more ridiculous cases this winter has been taking place in metro Atlanta.

We saw a hint of that when we saw the news forecast that had roughly one million people on the screen in Atlanta. Now Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta has been closed down due to too much snow.

That is a real sentence that makes my head hurt if I think too much about it. If you have a snow mountain, why not build it so when you do get actual snow it can accommodate that?

The people over at State Mountain Park even recognized the irony of not being able to be open during this snow storm due to hit Atlanta.

The park will only be closed on January 7th and will reopen on January 8th, it doesn’t seem like that much of a time difference but you gotta let the snow mountain be. They aren’t used to seeing this much snow down in the south. Especially in a place like Georgia.

Let’s hope that this is a one time deal and that everyone can handle this frozen rain a bit better next time.

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