My surfing knowledge is unfortunately not that great but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to acknowledge that riding a humongous wave is impressive.

Nazare, Portugal is well known for its large waves and the surfers that try to come out and slay the biggest waves. It takes a special kind of crazy to stare down multiple story tall waves. That’s why they are the people riding them and I’m only writing about them.

This past week in Nazare, some of the largest waves of the entire year were coming in and one person was bold enough to try to ride the “the biggest wave of the season.” Surfer Francisco Porcella was the person crazy enough to brave it. The results on video are downright astonishing.

Pedro Miranda, a photographer who caught the huge wave broke down why the wave was so darn impressive.

“The session was really intense. The conditions were a bit messy, with onshore winds and the swell coming a bit more North, instead of the predicted Northwest. The wave formation wasn’t perfect, with a lot of mutant waves, making that lineup even more weird and unpredictable than usual. It was gnarly and potentially lethal. You had that strange feeling that someone could get seriously hurt or worse, at any moment… It was high tension til’ everybody was out of the water.”

To put into context how dangerous these waves are, earlier in the week, Pedro “Scooby” Vianna tried riding one and ended up with two staples in his head and fifteen additional staples. Not a pleasant time at all.

A post shared by Pedro Miranda (@plmiranda) on Feb 28, 2017 at 8:11am PST

It’s being described as the ride of the year, what do you make of it? Pure athleticism or just a guy getting lucky?

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