2016 hasn’t been the best year for many people. But as bad as it may have been, you probably didn’t have someone at your office send you a bag of dicks.

The aforementioned “bag of dicks” aren’t real life organs, thankfully for all parties that would have been harmed in such an event. They’re the gummy versions, like you might find at a bachelorette party. (Ed.-Or so we’ve been told.) The company that sends these interesting gifts out is called Dicks by Mail, because of course it is.

One lady was sent these gummy phalluses (or phalli, if you prefer, though hopefully you don’t) as a prank gift at her job, Her name is Melody Lenox, and she filed a lawsuit to get to the bottom of the situation. Oh, as you may have figured out, this is all part of what sounds like constant workplace harassment.

According to the Dallas Morning News, “she claims the person who sent her the bag of dicks might also have something to do with her car being keyed and bogus Craigslist ads tormenting her.”

And here’s where things that are amusing in a juvenile sense turn into something much scarier. Hey, people. Don’t do this stuff. It’s not rocket science.

Whenever I think the world couldn’t get weirder, it surprises me once again.

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