Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is many things. He’s a successful pitchman with his own catchphrase. He’s a Super Bowl champion with plans to win plenty more before his career is through. And maybe, just maybe, he’s also a Game of Thrones prognosticator.

There are many popular theories out there about where Game of Thrones is going. Some of them have basically been proven already (R+L=J) while others don’t seem to be panning out (Lady Stoneheart is coming…). One popular notion that seems to be the next theory in line to be confirmed or disproved is the Three Heads Of The Dragon, which has less to do with the literal dragons on the show and more to do with three characters that could eventually ride them (or rule them, as it were). The theory usually bumps up against the theory that Daenerys and Jon Snow (who we now know has Targaryen blood) are destined to be among them and that Tyrion Lannister, whose lineage remains somewhat iffy if you read into certain quotes, would be the third.

Everything does seem to be headed in that direction as this exact trio are currently fighting together on the show. While we’ll have to wait and see if it’s confirmed, Aaron Rodgers has already made up his mind on the matter and he told The Ringer’s Kevin Clark all about it.

“I think that Jon Snow, Daenerys, and the Hand of the Queen [Tyrion Lannister] — I think they are all related. Three dragons, three riders, three siblings,” Rodgers said. “We know from Bran, the Three-Eyed Raven, that Ned Stark was not Jon Snow’s father. The Mad King might have been his father, might have been him — and that would make Daenerys and Jon brother and sister. And then Tyrion, we don’t know who his mother is, who Tywin slept with. I think there’s some sort of relationship. 

“At least Jon Snow and Daenerys are going to be working together, and they are mining the dragon glass.”

Minor quibble right off the bat. We know that Jon Snow is the son of Daenerys’ brother Rhaegar, which means she is his aunt and not his sister. Other than that, Rodgers seems to have the theory on lock.

As for whether or not he’s right, we’ll probably find out in a few episodes one way or another.

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