in Game Four of the 2016 World Series at Wrigley Field on October 29, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois.

Apparently Corey Kluber throws baseballs at coyotes to scare them away

Corey Kluber is one of the best pitchers in all of baseball. Now he is bringing his talents to the hunting world and tracking down some coyotes with the same fastball that strikes out American League hitters.

Yes, that is a real sentence.

Now is that the most humane way to get rid of a coyote? Maybe, not. Many people on Twitter were not pleased to hear about Kluber’s animal control methods.

Rob Bradford of WEEI tried to clear up some followers’ questions.

Bradford had to let his followers know that this wasn’t a bad thing¬†to scare away coyotes.

While Kluber and the Indians have yet to come out making a statement on any of these proclamations from Bradford, it isn’t the most ridiculous thought that he scared away a coyote with one of his 90-something mph¬†fastballs. It may not sit well with animal rights groups, but Kluber definitely doesn’t want coyotes poking around his home. It goes to show that humans aren’t the only mammals who fear a¬†Corey Kluber fastball.

He is at the very top of the food chain, it would seem.

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