Baseball season is back, which means it’s time for beautiful summer days at the ballpark with warm sun, cold beer and disgusting menu items with more calories than some people eat in two days.

And on that last count, the Arizona Diamondbacks are really not messing around. The team will sell a host of absurd hot dogs during spring training. As captured by ABC15, these artery-clogging creations include the Sonoran Dog — “a bacon-wrapped hot dog topped with pico de gallo, mayo and beans” — and perhaps most impressively, the Mega Dog — ” a 1/2 lb. foot-long hot dog smothered in pulled pork and green chile mac-n-cheese.”

The Diamondbacks have previously sold creations like the D-Bat Dog, an 18-inch(!), $25 corn dog, and the Venom Dog, a foot-long habanero sausage with black beans, guacamole, pico de gallo and sour cream.

Only in America (probably) do we make some sort of game out of who can create the most gross ballpark food.

The D-backs’ new menu could help the team unseat the Texas Rangers for the title of most fattening concession options. The Rangers have sold items such as a fried brownie, a cotton-candy hot dog and a one-pound bag of Cheetos filled with meat and cheese.

Yayyyy baseball.

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