There’s only one MLB playoff game on today’s schedule, the fourth game of the Cubs-Nationals NLDS series that’s supposed to take place at Wrigley Field this evening. The scheduled start time was 5:38 Eastern, but that’s already been pushed back thanks to impending and obvious rain approaching Chicago.

The radar above looks bad, obviously, but the hourly forecast as of now isn’t any better, as the front looks to be particularly slow-moving; it could rain all night. Barring some kind of weather miracle, it seems more likely game 4 will be played tomorrow afternoon or evening. Considering tomorrow’s ALDS game 5 between the New York and Cleveland is set for 8 PM Eastern, and also considering a fifth game for Chicago and Washington would require overnight travel to D.C., afternoon seems much more likely.

Does this likely postponement favor either team? If it does, you’d have to think it’s the Nationals, who could potentially use Stephen Strasburg on normal rest in game 4, as opposed to the originally scheduled Tanner Roark. That would certainly be an upgrade for Washington, and while the Cubs could skip Jake Arrieta and go with Kyle Hendricks, that seems a bit less likely given their 2-1 series lead.

There were rumors online that TBS had refused to allow the game to start earlier in the day, rumors kicked off by none other than Chip Caray, of all people:

Rumors that were immediately refuted:

And that Caray himself then backtracked:

Moving it up at this late a stage always seemed unlikely, given the logistics involved, as well as being fair to fans coming into town likely having paid large sums for postseason tickets. It’s tempting to want to blame someone for a situation that deprives us of playoff baseball for a night in October, but sometimes it just rains.

Baseball’s funny that way.

UPDATE: Postponed until tomorrow.

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